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FAST LINES MOVING REVIEWS will supply servicing to our consumers as we endeavor to fit our clients wants.
Our moving and storage company can enthral asset in your arena from your previous space to your fresh abidance. Have likewise disclosed to us that FAST LINES MOVING REVIEWS is the near in the area.
FAST LINES MOVING REVIEWS can take upkeep of your moving fundamentals, upright take the critical review below.

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B S.

B S.


The times of calling my companions to help me move are over (particularly with three flights of stairs) so I required help with my turn around 15 minutes away... Quick Lines was one of around eight organizations reacting to a quote demand I rounded out on an outsider referral site. A woman named Ofra rapidly gave me a quote back in light of the information I gave which was toward the lower $ end. Everything was straight forward and in composing as to the expenses and charges. They charged by the hour and gave three men. I had everything boxed and prepared to go - if not they charge for disassembling furniture, pressing tape, boxes, and so on . They were 45minutes late so was kinda pissed to begin with. Be that as it may, the evaluation was three hours, however they completed sooner, so I spared $100. The folks we pleasant and not good-for-nothings. My aggregate move cost me under $300 with tip. *Most worth it*, I DO suggest this organization... shabby and great from my experience.

Daniel H

Daniel H


We've utilized "Maria" and "Julio's" gathering at Fast Moving various times and have observed them to be proficient, sensible and respectful. No issues whatsover.


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