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USDOT # 279719
33 Innerbelt Rd
Somerville, MA 02143
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I utilized ABC Moving for my turn from Boston, MA to Detroit, MI. I am so upbeat I associated with them. From the sales representative, Larry, to the facilitator, Patti, to the real driver, Bill, all were greatly expert and well disposed. Not one thing was broken or missing. I did get four assessments and Andresen was the center of the appraisals. I would prescribe them to anybody.

Donna E.

I completely don't suggest this moving company and this move was one of the most exceedingly bad encounters with a business I've ever experienced.

ABC was shrunk by Allied, who I likewise think shares to a great extent and maybe moreso, in the general flaw. That is what's so invaluable around a wreck such as this- - NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE. It's generally another person's issue, another person's shortcoming.

The real movers themselves were sufficiently pleasant, however it was a 2-man team rather than 3, which implied the move took over 7 hours when it ought to have taken under 4. This implied we kept running into issue with the lift being saved in my building (covering times with others) AND that we couldn't get out and about til after surge hour. Moreover, they charged me $150 to box my sleeping pad and box springs, declining to permit me to wrap them in plastic as one typically does. They demanded it wasn't sufficient in light of the fact that on the off chance that they tore, there was dust and conceivably kissing bugs to consider (originating from New England). So think about how my sleeping pad and box springs arrived? Stuck in two boxes, neither of which were sufficiently huge nor fixed, totally uncovered. Terrible.

I was given a window for accepting my shipment. Nobody ever called, nothing ever came. I needed to call twice before anybody would get back to me, and when they did, it was just to educate me that my stuff was still back in MA. They didn't have a driver for it and didn't know when they'd have one.

The enormous issue was the means by which every one of my things were dealt with at the stockroom. Various boxes arrived extremely pummeled, two boxes were lost, and various furniture things were harmed. The two boxes they lost contained an extensive number of DVDs additionally photograph collections and scrapbooks, clearly not anything you could ever put a cost on. One thing was an encircled, signed Playbill and set of photographs from a Broadway show I saw amid my special first night. High nostalgic quality, low genuine expense. A debt of gratitude is in order for losing that eternity, folks.

I needed to record a case for my shipment being late, as well as for different harms furthermore for my missing boxes.

I was misled from the earliest starting point around various things, my possessions were obviously regarded as though they didn't make a difference, and I was charged $4400 for what has been one of the most exceedingly terrible encounters with a moving company I have ever persevered.

I can't push enough the amount you ought to keep away from these companys - ABC for their inability to arrange and more awful, the way they treated my effects, and Allied for coordinating this debacle and being totally maladroit generally speaking.

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