Colony Moving and Storage

USDOT # 259299
45 Barlow's Landing Road
Pocasset, MA 02559
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Additional Phone: (508) 563-7300
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AMAZING MOVERS! On time. Polite. Quick! I have never seen individuals move so quick! Sensibly evaluated. Joe and his group were at our home on time and inspired right to work, they wrapped up all the furniture in moving covers and were exceptionally watchful with everything. Exceptionally decent folks truly productive and when we got to our new home they asked where we needed everything and put it there and ensured we were content with the arrangement. Very suggested! I would procure them again instant.

Extraordinary movers! I have utilized this moving company three times and will never utilize another (however I trust it's quite a while before my best course of action!). The movers are quick - yet cautious - and inviting. Each move came in at or underneath assessment. I additionally utilized their storerooms for one move and was extremely satisfied with the way they took care of the stock procedure. Extraordinary moving company!

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