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USDOT # 1420771
120 Quarry Dr
Milford, MA 01757
Contact Phone: 866-697-4400
Additional Phone: (508) 422-4400
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Gallo Moving & Storage is one of the listed relocation companies in your area.
Our moving and storage company can enthrall asset in your expanse from your previous property to your novel residence. Have too disclosed to us that Gallo Moving & Storage is the advantageously in the district.
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We had an awesome involvement with Gallo. They valued the employment decently, assessed the move time precisely, appeared on time, took great consideration off our stuff, didn't harm any furniture, dividers or anything and the moving group had a decent state of mind and identity. What more would you be able to request?

Take it from me, I served in the military for a long time and experienced a family unit move at regular intervals. I additionally have moved outside of the military various times utilizing numerous movers, most below average. These folks, know moving which in a word is an extreme occupation and much harder to locate the right mover. Not just were the folks proficient and courteous, they took the merciless employment of moving out of my hands and made it look simple. They secured the floors and required some investment to move furniture the right way and even dismantled and reassembled the furniture at every point. Also they were estimated at a large portion of the expense of different movers and did it all in one day in a 10 hour time period. It was the best involvement with a move I have ever experienced and this was the reason I explored around 20 movers and settled with these folks. They truly moved down all the positive audits and their notoriety. In the event that you are managing the overwhelming procedure of choosing a mover, simply settle on the choice to run with these folks and you won't be sad!

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