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434 Elm Street
Bridgewater, MA 02324
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It is currently 6 months after the fact and we are no closer to them repaying us for any of the things that have been harmed hopeless. They likewise appear to take an over the top measure of excursion and are NEVER accessible by telephone or email. When I at long last got a case, in the wake of dogging them for over a month to try and make an arrangement to view harm to our property, they said they would do this in light of the single visit months prior and I'd have a check in 2 weeks. after 3 weeks I messaged them again and they said it had been "inadvertently not prepared" and was en route now. When it arrived, I was stunned to find that they thought $1000 would cover 2 dressers, a sofa and a divider mirror. Don't worry about it that the adjustor level out said the dressers were "busted destroyed" (his words, not mine) and that MacDonald Moving Company should have wrapped and secured these things. Furthermore, how about we not overlook the way that they lied and attempted to say there was previous harm by fashioning a structure.

Obviously, I am as yet managing them. The cases rep at MacDonald said she can't help me any longer, and United Van Lines declines to converse with me. 6 months and $6000 later and the sum total of what I have is $1000 check to cover real harms, a considerable measure of unanswered messages and superfluous anxiety. Try not to utilize MacDonald Moving Services in Boston or some other operators of United Van Lines for your turn.

Long past due survey is all together for the spectacular administration I got from Macdonald Movers. What ought to have been a basic neighborhood move went to pieces when our home deal hit a tangle at the end table. With our whole house stuffed up and on the truck, we were basically told we'd be destitute for the night till our new home deal would be determined. The staff at Macdonald movers ensured our possessions were the minimum of our stresses. Once our home deal was concluded, they appeared go down and emptied and made a fantastic showing.

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