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I am EXTREMELY unsatisfied with MacDonald Moving services. They moved our entire house 1 state away and into a storage unit. I was not able to get into the storage because it was so full. However, about a year later when we are pulling out furniture we see that multiple pieces were damaged by MacDonald and tucked away without notification. It was not noted on their paperwork either. The amount that we paid these scam artists makes this entirely unacceptable! Do not, I repeat DO NOT use MacDonald Moving services. They suck!

Alison Z

Alison Z


It is currently 6 months after the fact and we are no closer to them repaying us for any of the things that have been harmed hopeless. They likewise appear to take an over the top measure of excursion and are NEVER accessible by telephone or email. When I at long last got a case, in the wake of dogging them for over a month to try and make an arrangement to view harm to our property, they said they would do this in light of the single visit months prior and I'd have a check in 2 weeks. after 3 weeks I messaged them again and they said it had been "inadvertently not prepared" and was en route now. When it arrived, I was stunned to find that they thought $1000 would cover 2 dressers, a sofa and a divider mirror. Don't worry about it that the adjustor level out said the dressers were "busted destroyed" (his words, not mine) and that MacDonald Moving Company should have wrapped and secured these things. Furthermore, how about we not overlook the way that they lied and attempted to say there was previous harm by fashioning a structure. Obviously, I am as yet managing them. The cases rep at MacDonald said she can't help me any longer, and United Van Lines declines to converse with me. 6 months and $6000 later and the sum total of what I have is $1000 check to cover real harms, a considerable measure of unanswered messages and superfluous anxiety. Try not to utilize MacDonald Moving Services in Boston or some other operators of United Van Lines for your turn.

Daniel P

Daniel P


Long past due survey is all together for the spectacular administration I got from Macdonald Movers. What ought to have been a basic neighborhood move went to pieces when our home deal hit a tangle at the end table. With our whole house stuffed up and on the truck, we were basically told we'd be destitute for the night till our new home deal would be determined. The staff at Macdonald movers ensured our possessions were the minimum of our stresses. Once our home deal was concluded, they appeared go down and emptied and made a fantastic showing.


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Did you know?

The Motor Carrier Act, passed by Congress in 1935, replace the code of competition. The authorization the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) place was to regulate the trucking industry. Since then the ICC has been long abolished, however, it did quite a lot during its time. Based on the recommendations given by the ICC, Congress enacted the first hours of services regulation in 1938. This limited driving hours of truck and bus drivers. In 1941, the ICC reported that inconsistent weight limitation imposed by the states cause problems to effective interstate truck commerce.

The number one hit on the Billboard chart in 1976 was quite controversial for the trucking industry. "Convoy," is a song about a group of reckless truck drivers bent on evading laws such as toll booths and speed traps. The song went on to inspire the film "Convoy", featuring defiant Kris Kristofferson screaming "piss on your law!" After the film's release, thousands of independent truck drivers went on strike. The participated in violent protests during the 1979 energy crisis. However, similar strikes had occurred during the 1973 energy crisis.

As the American Interstate Highway System began to expand in the 1950's, the trucking industry began to take over a large market share. That is, a large share of the transportation of goods throughout the country. Before this era, trains had been relied on to transport the bulk of the goods cross country or state to state. The Interstate Highway System was influential as it allows for merchandise to travel door to door with ease. Since then, truckload carriers have taken advantage of the interstate system, especially when performing a long distance move. Typically, they bring the merchandise from one distribution center of the country to another part of the country. The increase in truckload freight transportation has reduced the time it takes to transport the goods. Whether the freight was manufactured or produced for the different areas internationally, the time it takes to transport goods has decreased dramatically.  

The Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways is most commonly known as the Interstate Highway System, Interstate Freeway System, Interstate System, or simply the Interstate. It is a network of controlled-access highways that forms a part of the National Highway System of the United States. Named after President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who endorsed its formation, the idea was to have portable moving and storage. Construction was authorized by the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. The original portion was completed 35 years later, although some urban routes were canceled and never built. The network has since been extended and, as of 2013, it had a total length of 47,856 miles (77,017 km), making it the world's second longest after China's. As of 2013, about one-quarter of all vehicle miles driven in the country use the Interstate system. In 2006, the cost of construction had been estimated at about $425 billion (equivalent to $511 billion in 2015).

The USDOT (USDOT or DOT) is considered a federal Cabinet department within the U.S. government. Clearly, this department concerns itself with all aspects of transportation with safety as a focal point. The DOT was officially established by an act of Congress on October 15, 1966, beginning its operation on April 1, 1967. Superior to the DOT, the United States Secretary of Transportation governs the department. The mission of the DOT is to "Serve the United States by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible, and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life for the American people, today and into the future." Essentially this states how important it is to improve all types of transportation as a way to enhance both safety and life in general etc. It is important to note that the DOT is not in place to hurt businesses, but to improve our "vital national interests" and our "quality of life". The transportation networks are in definite need of such fundamental attention. Federal departments such as the USDOT are key to this industry by creating and enforcing regulations with intentions to increase the efficiency and safety of transportation. 

The industry intends to both consumers as well as moving companies, this is why there are Ministers of Transportation in the industry. They are there to set and maintain laws and regulations in place to create a safer environment. It offers its members professional service training and states the time that movers have been in existence. It also provides them with federal government representation and statistical industry reporting. Additionally, there are arbitration services for lost or damaged claims, publications, public relations, and annual tariff updates and awards. This site includes articles as well that give some direction, a quarterly data summary, and industry trends.

There are various versions of a moving scam, but it basically begins with a prospective client. Then the client starts to contact a moving company to request a cost estimate. In today's market, unfortunately, this often happens online or via phone calls. So essentially a customer is contacting them for a quote when the moving company may not have a license. These moving sales people are salesman prone to quoting sometimes low. Even though usually reasonable prices with no room for the movers to provide a quality service if it is a broker.

Commercial trucks in the U.S. pay higher road taxes on a State level than the road vehicles and are subject to extensive regulation. This begs the question of why these trucks are paying more. I'll tell you. Just to name a few reasons, commercial truck pay higher road use taxes. They are much bigger and heavier than most other vehicles, resulting in more wear and tear on the roadways. They are also on the road for extended periods of time, which also affects the interstate as well as roads and passing through towns. Yet, rules on use taxes differ among jurisdictions.