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USDOT # 58227
1235 Chestnut Street
Athol, MA 01331
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Additional Phone: (978) 249-9105
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We have been a family claimed and worked organization since 1923 and have one of the finest notorieties in the moving business. The greater part of our moves are very much arranged, composed, and observed by our office regularly, therefore empowering complete responsibility to our clients. Our expert moving groups stay with you all through your whole move. Our armada of truck’s are furnished with cutting edge GPS innovation which permits us to screen the area of our trucks at all times. This takes into consideration orderly reports on the area and status of your possessions while in our care. Over the previous 92 years, four eras of the Castine family have constructed Castine Moving and Storage, headquartered at 1235 Chestnut Street. into an effective operation with a notoriety for giving quality client administration and fulfillment in the moving and capacity industry, on both a national and universal level. The organization was initially established in 1923 by Frank Sr. also, Hazel Castine, and was at first come up short on their home in Athol, MA. In the good 'ol days, with an armada of just four trucks, the organization moved everything from wood to fuel oil to pianos to domesticated animals, notwithstanding giving moving administrations to individuals who were moving.

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They are not only a bunch of great movers , they are great people to work with and they always work as a team to get and give the best move they can.

Searching for the BEST movers ......Castine Moving and Storage made a great PLUS showing moving my Entire house! Not a solitary thing was harmed. You auto procure the rest yet Castine Moving and Storage is the BEST!

Much thanks to you for a Great Experience Moving!!

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