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Enormous Foot Moving and Storage, Inc. is a completely authorized and protected Massachusetts moving organization. We offer movement administrations, stockpiling arrangements, moving boxes, pressing materials, and receivership services.There are numerous Massachusetts movers however there's a motivation behind why individuals pick Big Foot Moving and Storage, Inc. We will probably make each client a long lasting client. Our talented experts are dependable, reliable, respectful, athletic, and ready to guarantee the sheltered conveyance of your belonging to their new destination.Over the most recent 20 years we've utilized a few moving organizations for individual and business moves. Enormous Foot stands separated in their very own group. For our last move, we utilized them to pack us, as well. These folks could show Tiffany about pressing! Moving can be an extremely upsetting knowledge, yet not when you run with Big Foot Moving and Storage.

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Bhuvana H.

Bhuvana H.


The group from Big Foot Moving made an awesome showing with our late move. I had them move every one of our belonging (for two grown-ups and two youngsters) to our new house in the burbs - around 15 miles far from our old four room house. I requesting that they do the move in two stages - the primary stage was so we could de-mess and rundown our old house available to be purchased. The second stage was to get all of us moved into our new house. I was planning to get a greater amount of our things pressed before they touched base on the second moving day, yet I couldn't do much in the middle of work and family duties. They arrived before the actual arranged time, pressed up a huge amount of stuff, stacked the truck, and emptied it all in less than 11 hours. There were four folks buckling down the whole time. They were extremely watchful with our belonging and named every one of the cases plainly, so everything made it securely to our new house and unloading has been genuinely simple. They came in comfortable appraisal for our turn, and I thought it was incredible that I could swipe my Mastercard on an iPad or iPhone for every period of the move. They were definitely justified even despite the cash and I would prescribe them to any individual who is moving!

 Chris M.

Chris M.


I have now utilized Big Foot twice to move my stuff, first from one side of Cambridge to the next and after that out to Winchester. Despite the fact that I want to think not to be moving again at any point in the near future, I would utilize Mike, Rich and their group once more. These folks are past expert. I have a Yamaha child terrific piano which they could move down the stairwell of my first loft without any issues. (Movers before them needed to call an outside organization). Everything was stuffed skillfully with no breakage at all. (alright... one wine glass however who's checking). They are responsive and on time. Their hardware is first class. Yet, most essential, on my last move they went far in excess of what was required. When they touched base at my new house, there was some inquiry as to where to put the piano since the house was all the while experiencing redesigns. Enormous Foot offered to store the piano for a week at no extra charge until redesigns were done. I wish it was anything but difficult to discover different organizations that were as client centered. In any case, meanwhile, whatever I can do is wholeheartedly suggest Big Foot movers


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