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USDOT # 966254
8005 Dorsey Run Rd
Jessup, MD 20794
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Additional Phone: (410) 799-0022
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Moving with Perry Moving Services

Perry Moving Services will issue help to our customers as we endeavor to come across our customers plans.
Perry Moving Services can send your holding in your your new home from your sure-enough property to your trade name young position.
In addition, take a reward of the reviews by revaluation below, whether you're simply reading Perry Moving Services reappraisal or writing them.

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Perry was great for our turn! Everything was consistent; we called, got a brief quote and booked for the next week. They could prompt us where we were uncertain and made everything as simple and basic as would be prudent.

Everybody we managed, both in the workplace and on location, was extraordinarily cordial and effective. They were watchful while moving, and ensured not crush furniture into the crisply painted dividers. The greater part of our things were dealt with and ensured while conveying and when in the truck. I exceedingly prescribe them for a simple move!

Perry Moving and Storage gave an able, careful and judiciously evaluated administration for our turn from Anne Arundel County, Maryland to Scotland County, North Carolina. They moved for us, 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge area with bar, office and 4 sheds of gear and yard furniture.

The appraisal procedure was somewhat unwieldy because of us, a few times, changing our needs. Diana the estimator and Rich the proprietor were exceptionally pleasant about it and accommodating in clarifying our choices and giving value cites. The last cost was not exactly the quote. That never happens!!

They gave reused boxes and pressing paper. Another cost funds for us! We wound up having Perry pack our delicate china, puppets, fine art and TVs. They likewise stuffed our kitchen and fit a Chevy Avalanche pickup truck on their truck.

Tara was our corporate contact individual amid the move. You would have thought she was in the same room with us for as much as she stayed in contact. We can discover no flaw with the pressing group, having quite recently unloaded our last box and discovered nothing broken. The moving group made a huge showing. The moving out and in days were blustery. They suitably secured our floors of rug, hardwood, overlay and tile. A to a great degree substantial bar was pulled up a flight of stairs with no scratches to dividers. We were worried for the top man doing the greater part of lifting, however unnerving, it was fruitful and cheers ascended at the bars situation in our new amusement room.

We can't be any longer appreciative for the superb gathering of individuals who make up Perry Moving and Storage

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