Certified Packaging & Transport

USDOT # 453150
10305 Guilford Rd
Jessup, MD 20794
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (301) 604-2147
Company Site: www.certifiedpackaging.com

Moving with Certified Packaging & Transport

Understanding the need of the client is significant for virtually all services, like those here at Certified Packaging & Transport.
Certified Packaging & Transport takes into circumstance the thinking and critiquing our customers may receive.
Customers have told us Certified Packaging & Transport is in the domain and our Certified Packaging & Transport reviews below reflect instructive input.

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Surpassed desires. Fantastic client administration, superb representatives, first rate follow up and satisfies all guarantees.

The movers were agreeable, provoke and were about moving rapidly to spare me some cash from the starting quote. They rushed to investigate my thin staircase and little door jamb and got everything moved in with no issue. I likewise value that everything was wrapped and cushioned, I didn't need to stress over discovering harm on any of my furniture sometime later.

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