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USDOT # 2025070
10340 Hickory Ridge Rd STE 525
Columbia, MD 21044
Contact Phone: (800) 764-8118
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Moving with Premium Moving

By providing specific inspection and repair to Premium Moving supplies sure serve to our clients as we attempt to fulfill all of our customers needs . To our customers, we try to pacify the motive of our customer roots.
Premium Moving can ship your belongings in your country from your old property to your brand name freshly property.
Clients have besides disclosed to us that Premium Moving is the most unspoiled in this area. Learn our Premium Moving reviews below for verification.

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Best Movers! Exceedingly prescribe to all in the event that you need appreciate bother free move. They dealt with all the hard work. Everything is OK! It went fine and I'm cheerful I did the right decision while looking for the organization to offer assistance. There are so a large portion of them out there yet not every one of them are so good.They did the colossal employment and I couldn't trust it at first. Such a variety of things thus little time yet they could move everything quick and without harming the delicate things. Much obliged to you!

Found out about them from an offer on livingsocial. I was attempting to have a couple of things moved from a capacity locker to my home. When I got them on the telephone, they made it clear they just do full house-to-house moves. I asked whether I had the right organization, since their site unmistakably says "We do enormous and little pick ups and conveyances.

No employment is too enormous or too little !!!" She answered this is an extremely bustling season.

Did You Know

QuestionThe interstate moving industry in the United States maintains regulation by the FMCSA, which is part of the USDOT.With only a small staff (fewer than 20 people) available to patrol hundreds of moving companies, enforcement is difficult.As a result of such a small staff, there arein many cases, no regulations that qualify moving companies as 'reliable'. Without this guarantee, it is difficult to a consumer to make a choice. Although, moving companies can provide and often display a DOT license.


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