Unified Van Lines

USDOT # 2956586
110.1 Wilso Drive
Baltimore, MD 21223
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (844) 600-2784
Company Site: Unifiedvanlines.com

Moving with Unified Van Lines


Monday Thru-Friday: 9:00-18:00
On weekends:
Sa: 10:00-4:00
So: Closed

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This company did everything perfectly! They always kept me posted, where they are and how many will be. We arrived 15 minutes earlier and started to work. Thank you! Everything is super!

They were great! a very organized team of guys! they know how to work quickly and efficiently! Thank you so much!

When we called this company, we politely answered all the questions. We had a lot of them. They chose a convenient time for us to move. They arrived on time. When they transported our things, they put the boxes in the new house in the rooms in which they will stand. This is a good company and we are glad that they called them.

My parents bought a new home in Orlando. We thought it would be difficult to find a company that would be honest, good and not expensive. My friend gave the number of this company and we are happy. Have transported all in time and without problems. Thank you

We are moving a second time and therefore we are looking for a company that fully meets our requirements. We found them and are very happy. We had a three-room apartment and a lot of things. They all packed in boxes and transported. We were satisfied.

Many companies set high prices for moving from one state to another. This company gave me a good price and I immediately agreed. They arrived on two trucks and loaded all my belongings from my two storey house. Thank you very much!

Good company. Excellent price for services. They came and quickly coped with the task. Thank you for taking care of things so much and you are a very cheerful team! Professionals!

My brother gave me their phone number so that I could move quickly and reliably. They came four and coped with the task quickly. I had a heavy piano, which they also neatly managed to transport to my new home! I am delighted!

My move to a new apartment was very easy. I thought I would be nervous, but with such a company I was completely calm. They know what and how to do. Did the job very well and I was satisfied. Thanks you!

The best company and the most affordable prices! I called different companies, but these guys came with all the necessary materials for packing things the next day. Thank you, you are the best company. I'll call you again when I move. Thank you!

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