Unified Van Lines

USDOT # 2956586
110.1 Wilso Drive
Baltimore, MD 21223
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (844) 600-2784
Company Site: Unifiedvanlines.com

Moving with Unified Van Lines


Monday Thru-Friday: 9:00-18:00
On weekends:
Sa: 10:00-4:00
So: Closed

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The movers were efficient in their process: wrapping items with their blankets and taping whatever needed reinforcement. Wardrobe boxes are provided and free to use (although we didn't need them since we pre-packed). We are very glad that we called them!

They were very clear about their services the entire time. They made sure to point out any pre-existing issues with our furniture so that we wouldn't mistake them for causing any damages. I really appreciated their honesty! They also bring as many wardrobe boxes as you need, for free!! This makes packing a cinch.

For all of the hassle and stress that comes along with moving, I have to say them made it a lot less painful. Their staff was all about friendly emails, following up to confirm, answering questions, and the guys who showed up on our move date were awesome.

Everything arrived unbroken, properly protected and the movers themselves were quick and friendly. I will definitely recommend them to others!

Moving is never fun, but in the right hands, it can be much less painful.
While there were a few minor hiccups, they handled my move properly. Anytime I had a "gripe", I'd call and they were able to help. Even better, a Manager is a few words away and they were super helpful if I needed clarification around pricing, timing, etc.

With such an understanding manager and a knowledgeable workforce, it was perhaps little wonder that everything from the beginning of the move to the end of the process was so smooth. These are real professionals who will do a superb job for you. You can always expect justice for your money when you entrust your properties to Unified Van Lines.

Every bit of my relocation was trouble-free from start to finish. They showed that they were true professionals dedicated towards total customer satisfaction as they continue building customer loyalty. Their diligence, as well as attitude towards work, was awesome and helped in accomplishing the task on time. They are very recommendable.

They had very nice reviews from their former customers, as well as top ratings, and there was nothing else I wanted of a mover. Just as I had anticipated, no disappointments came, and the services were perfect. These guys did an awesome job for me and I liked the way they handled my things. It was on schedule, safe and within my budget. I cannot find any flaw in what you did for me. I appreciate.

There was a lot of work to be done during my move to my new house. I knew from a colleague that Unified Van Lines would do a perfect job while taking care of my possessions. The delivery was swift and safe and I had no qualms with them whatsoever. They are able to adapt to any situation and are truly affordable. Actually, they surpassed my expectations and I would suggest them any time. I will pleasure call them if I need relocation services in future.

Unified Van Lines are just amazing! The entire crew including their manager was very helpful and courteous with my things.Their skills were really at display in the moving of my stuff and they also ensured that safe delivery of the stuffs. I just sat back and watched them do it their own way. Their work is very commendable and I recommend them.

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