Security Van Lines

USDOT # 29097
100 West Airline Drive
Kenner, LA 70062
Contact Phone: 800-794-5961
Additional Phone: (303) 785-4300
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Security Van Lines is one of the listed shipping companies in your area.
Each client has dissimilar necessary for their move, which is why Security Van Lines provides inspection and repair and removal company to get along our outdo to adapt them.
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Security Van Lines of Colorado Springs made an amazing showing of moving us! Workers were precise in their cost assessment, expert and welcoming as we settled on our decision to utilize them, and exhaustive in all clarifications. The driver and his aides were cautious with our possessions and our homes as they stacked and emptied, and they touched base at our new area in a sensible measure of time. I profoundly suggest this moving organization.

This is a long audit yet we had a terrible involvement with highlights including:

- Damaged oil painting because of the way that it wasn't bundled effectively

- Pee on washroom seat! The packer peed everywhere throughout the seat and left that "treat" for us to tidy up - GROSS

- Lack of consideration. The packers didn't take after our one solicitation to have a few things marked for quick utilize

I'm not by any means beyond any doubt who to survey following at various times I was chatting with somebody from Mayflower/Johnson/Security Van Lines.


Our stuff was conveyed to a small storeroom. At the point when the driver arrived, he and his three aides (why wouldn't we be able to understand that numerous to pack us?) inspired right to work exchanging our effects from the truck to the capacity unit. They were eager to the point, that they didn't request that we mark off the receipt of things as they were emptied. It wasn't until they were well into the procedure that we reviewed that was a piece of the conveyance for our last move. Be that as it may, by then it was past the point of no return; so much had as of now been stuffed into the capacity unit.

The driver was extremely useful and thoughtful in managing the harmed painting on conveyance. He additionally offered us some assistance with inspecting our TV which we dreaded may likewise have been stuffed mistakenly (fortunately it wasn't).

When it came time to sign the paper work, the driver (who, once more, in every single other appreciation was fabulous) only sort of said, "Well, you can believe me that we got it all in there." Yeah, beyond any doubt, I presume. What decision do I have as of right now?

Despite everything we don't know whether every one of our assets made it. It will be another astonish once we move out of the capacity unit. We likewise never got a full separated rundown of our moved possessions. When we requested the rundown, we were informed that there were no duplicates for us. This appeared to be truly peculiar - however once more, what do you do?


Pick another person - not certain if anything could be more awful

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