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Louisville, KY 40203
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Howard Ball Moving & Storage will issue servicing to our customers as we endeavor to fill our clients motives.
Each customer has different demand for their relocation, which is why Howard Ball Moving & Storage provides service and removal company to set our best to suit them.
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They put away our stuff overnight and appeared early (!) to convey it the following morning. Conveyance ran considerably quicker with them dropping everything off and reassembling what they dissected in less than 1:30. They didn't penance speed for quality and everything appeared in one piece. Better than average movers and they do it at an exceptionally moderate cost. I will utilize them once more.

After walking through and advising what not to pack up, they ended up unplugging and packing my internet and router which I still needed to do work. I found out right before they left but was told it was under the other boxes and the earliest they could bring it back was Friday by 10 AM. I was told this approx 8 PM on Wed. I explained how important it was that I have that equipment. I even told them I wouldn't write anything negative on the paperwork, mostly because they could read it and then break my things if they wanted. 10AM Friday passed and when I called their office I was advised they wouldn't be in my area so they couldn't bring my equipment. I again advised this lady the importance and that I needed to get work done before leaving the country on my deployment. I contacted my local Army office to get assistance and Howard Ball didn't for them information until about 2PM. I was advised I would have to go to their office for the seal to be broken to get my things. It's about an hour drive from me! I won't even get into the other stuff. Yes, I called and went off on their desk person and when she tried to talk over me it just made me more angry. Try are liars and do not know the first thing about customer service. I do NOT recommend.

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