Delmar Moving and Storage

PUC # 552
2310 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40212
Contact Phone: (502) 776-6527
Additional Phone: (502) 776-6527
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Moving with Delmar Moving and Storage

By providing peculiar help to Delmar Moving and Storage provision certain service to our customer as we attempt to fill all of our clients expectations . To our customers, we attempt to stay the motive of our client basis.
Each client has unlike requisite for their move, which is why Delmar Moving and Storage provides service and public mover to manage our estimable to adapt them.
Delmar Moving and Storage can work with charge of your moving demand, scarcely show the follow-up below.

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I think I got an email reaction inside of five minutes of each email I sent. The movers showed up immediately (15 minutes early), worked productively and proficiently and were by and large awesome and amazingly accommodating. They were done early so they offered us some assistance with moving heaps of other easily overlooked details and that was well beyond what would have been acceptable anyway. We are so happy we found this company!

I have nothing good to say about this company. Do not use.

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