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By providing especially services to MJ provision certain inspection and repair to our clients as we attempt to meet all of our customers demands . To our customers, we venture to conciliate the demand of our customer groundwork.
MJ takes into consideration the opinion and critiquing our customers may make.
Indeed, take a reward of the reviews by reexamination below, whether you're only reading MJ critical review or writing them.

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To begin the experience they were late to the move. Apparently it was not appropriately communicated the start time that I had requested. The moving of property from one site to the next went fairly well. When they moved in the washer the movers tore up the kitchen and washroom flooring. They insisted that the company would take care of it. When I contacted the company I was initially told that these things happen and that it would be taken care of in 4-5 weeks. That time came and went and I didn't hear anything back from them. I attempted to reach them via email and still didn't receive a response so I decided to call them. It was during this call that I was informed that in fact they would not be fixing this and that they were held to no requirements to fix it. When I explained that those I spoke to prior had told me this was covered the manager said that they were not able to speak for the company therefore anything they told me pretty much didn't matter.
We paid hundreds of dollars just to be given the run around.

Everything arrived sheltered and sound! They put away my TV, dismantled and reassembled our furniture, and dealt with our things such as they were their own. I profoundly suggest MJ Movers.

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