Leek Van and Storage Co

USDOT # 250592
203 Bradshaw Pike
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
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Additional Phone: (270) 886-0156
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Leek Van and Storage Co will supply services to our customers as we endeavor to take on our clients demands.
Leek Van and Storage Co takes into thoughtfulness the sentiment and critiquing our customers may experience.
customers have told us Leek Van and Storage Co is in the district and our Leek Van and Storage Co reviews below reflect informative commentary.

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First off the big older guy wouldnt stop insisting that we buy him lunch, so that was annoying AF. If they're moving your stuff, watch the packers like a hawk. They packed up MULTIPLE things that we told them not to and than gave us attitude when we asked about it. THAN THEY TOLD US IF WE OPEN THE BOXES BACK UP TO GO THRU THE STUFF THEY ALREADY PACKED THEY WERE GONNA CHARGE US 5 DOLLARS A BOX THAT WAS OPENED

Awesome company, productive and gracious! Leek Van and Storage made an extraordinary showing. I disregarded a wrong moving date and they altered it a minute ago to suit my necessities.

Leek Van and Storage moved us from TN to AL. As a military family, we have moved a considerable amount and they were by a wide margin the best movers we have had. Paul was exceptionally kind and intensive. Everything was very much pressed. The majority of our furniture was secured so it would not be scratched and our beddings were stowed. They completed our pack up in one day rather than the 2 assessed. Likewise, Paul even acquainted us with some of his companions here so we would know somebody! They unquestionably went well beyond to ensure everything went easily for us. I would prescribe them to anybody.

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