B R Sutton Moving & Storage

PUC # 3298
350 West Highway 30
East Bernstadt, KY 40729
East Bernstadt
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Additional Phone: (606) 843-2727
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Moving with B R Sutton Moving & Storage

By providing exceptional service of process to B R Sutton Moving & Storage supply certain servicing to our clients as we attempt to live up to all of our customers demands . To our customers, we venture to placate the want of our client fundamentals.
Our moving and storage company can send assets in your expanse from your previous home to your newly residency. Clients have besides disclosed to us that B R Sutton Moving & Storage is the estimable in the territorial dominion.
Learn out our B R Sutton Moving & Storage by review article below to assure what our clients are saying about B R Sutton Moving & Storage.

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They took care of everything so well, they knew precisely how to take advantage of the time and space. In addition to the fact that they were effective the movers were well disposed, they instructed me to not lift a finger..usually you need to help them out a little however I needed to do nothing aside from stay off the beaten path. They tried to wrap and deal with all my delicate things. Please, prescribe them to anybody

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