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Moving with Johnson Storage & Moving | Topeka, KS

Founded in 1900, Johnson Storage & Moving is a global logistics company that helps families, government and businesses store and move their goods around the world. We specialize in white glove service for residential and commercial moves, along with logistics and distribution. Our ultimate goal is to make sure to treat all your belongings with the utmost care and professionalism, and to take care of all the details for you — making the process stress-free for you.

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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!! This was an absolute miserable experience and continues to be a horrible experience . To start off, they were supposed to have my stuff picked up on the morning of the 11th of december, they didnt call or show up till 4 that night. then explained they cannot pack my stuff in the truck that they had brought. so they wanted to drive back to the plant to get a different truck and be back at my house and start the pack at 10 pm at night. Only 2 guys would have been up till 4 in the morning packing my house. After calling the manager to explain that that plan wouldnt work, they said they would show up at 8 am thex next morning with a good crew. 8 am rolls around and i have no heard from the company so i call for a status update. They stated that they were on their way and 45 minutes out. They didnt arrive until 940 am with 3 people but got it packed and gave us an arrival date of the 24th of december. I have called everyday to get status updates and they still have not crated my stuff to move it and it is currently the 24th. They have repeatedly stated that they have no idea when my stuff will get here. I am military and my family and i get to spend christmas with no house hold items while sleeping on an air mattress. Thank you for making the christmas holiday a great one johnsons moving company.

The worst move ever! On the agreed upon day, two workers showed up, looked around, then got in their truck and drove away! The next day three guys showed up and did the move. The move was less than 3 miles, so I thought things would be fine. WRONG!!! They damaged my lift top coffee table; it no longer closes properly, and there's a large chip on the surface. They lost my sofa arm covers (even though my stuff was the only stuff on the truck)! My jewelry was spilling out of the carton they packed it in, and they ran over it with their dollies! There were other damages as well. Worst move ever!!! Steer clear of this company.

I had an incredible affair from beginning to end. Packers/Truck touched base on time and were proficient and amicable. My effects were conveyed 3 days after the fact 600 miles away and the administration on that end was generally as great! For my first expert move it was so natural and would utilize once more!

I'm truly cheerful that I enlisted Johnson Storage and Moving. They obliging, genuine and quick. I required my two room to be moved. Also, they did it in time I was normal and no harm by any stretch of the imagination. Exceptionally proficient and effective. Much obliged to you folks. I'll unquestionably utilize this moving organization once more!

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