Big John's Moving Company

USDOT # 1183924
8722 SW 29th St
Topeka, KS 66614
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Additional Phone: (785) 554-3820
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Moving with Big John's Moving Company

With a fleet of well-maintained moving trucks of various sizes, we are fully equipped to help with your move. We offer complete moving services or just the labor if you only need helping hands in safely packaging all of your possessions.

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I held up a week to get an estimator to come investigate my turn. I revised my whole timetable for the estimator to come. When he at last showed up, he never specified that my date wasn't accessible yet instructed me to call the workplace the following morning. I did as such and they didn't have my printed material from the estimator. When I did interface with him and get my assessment in hands the date I expected to move was totally reserved. What an exercise in futility. I additionally burned through 30 minutes on the telephone with their client administration attempting to whine yet it was futile. Certainly hard to manage.

Effective, proficient, snappy. Three folks moved us a week ago from Brooklyn to Baldwin Long Island. Arrived sooner than required, pressed us up in 2.5 hours, got to our new house before we did(!), unloaded in 2 hours. Move complete by 1:30pm. Astonishing. Very suggest and would procure again if necessary.

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