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USDOT # 1974262
4600 W Palmer Street STE 2E
Chicago, IL 60639
Contact Phone: (704) 841-7001
Additional Phone: (773) 727-0525
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By providing detailed overhaul to CityWide Movers Inc provision sure service of process to our as we attempt to fill all of our clients motive . To our clients, we need to stay the want of our customer fundamentals.
CityWide Movers Inc takes into retainer the thought process and critiquing our customers may own.
Then, take a vantage of the reviews by revaluation below, whether you're simply reading CityWide Movers Inc reexamination or writing them.

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Had such a pleasant experience with the Citywide movers! They were on time, professional, and really nice! It was my first time hiring professional movers and it I would definitely hire this company again!

This was our first time using Citywide Movers and we couldn't be happier. They were prompt, moved fast and made sure to be careful with our items. Very affordable as well. I would definitely use them again and will recommend them to anyone looking to move.

These movers are the best. They are hard-working, nice, personable and professional. I feel so lucky to have used them.
There is no way any other company could have done such an outstanding job. Everything was handled with care and real concern and they even treated my bull terrier Floyd well. They had all the equipment and there were no hidden costs. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

These guys were great. We moved last Wednesday and it went very smooth. They were friendly and very fast. They wrapped everything up properly and nothing was damaged. Would definitely recommend them or use them for my next move.

I called Citywide Movers and received excellent service from the first phone call to the last item being unpacked. The price was competitive and perfectly reasonable concerning the quality of service. I will certainly use them again for any major moves.

The Citywide Movers were great and took an inventory of our move and explained the process and pricing before we booked.
The crew were very polite. They arrived early, introduced themselves and explained the pricing clearly. They were very efficient with packing up the truck. We were quoted 2-4 hours and the entire move was over in less than 2 hours. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for movers and will probably use them again for our next move.

I was referred to them by my friends. Citywide Movers were both very kind and responsive. I was worried because I was going to be out of the country during this move so I had my mom oversee it. They did the job very quickly and nothing was damaged and they charged us the amount the quoted us in the beginning.

I highly recommend this moving company. They are not expensive and moved all my things with no problems. They even let me go with them in their truck They are quick professional and make sure all of your things are safe and sound. The moving crew are also extremely kind and time efficient.

They are swift, quiet, more careful with your stuff than you are, prepared and hungry to work. They arrived early, dealt with logistical problems so easily, loaded and unloaded quickly and carefully. They ensured that we were happy with their service. Already recommending them to my clients!

Citywide movers service was great! I bought a sofa and needed it transported. They responded to my e-mail promptly with a fixed price quote, which was very appreciated. Additionally, they were on time and very professional! Good marks all around!

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