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USDOT # 1974262
4600 W Palmer Street STE 2E
Chicago, IL 60639
Contact Phone: (704) 841-7001
Additional Phone: (773) 727-0525
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By providing detailed overhaul to CityWide Movers Inc provision sure service of process to our as we attempt to fill all of our clients motive . To our clients, we need to stay the want of our customer fundamentals.
CityWide Movers Inc takes into retainer the thought process and critiquing our customers may own.
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Moving is such a grueling process and a lot of hard work, packing etc. However, moving day was the easiest of all because of the Citywide movers crew. They were on time, actually earlier then expected, professional, friendly and focused. I couldn't believe how fast they moved out my belongings in a 2 bedroom apartment to the new one. Nothing was too heavy or difficult. They meticulously packed my electronics, lamps, tables, televisions. I'm happy to say nothing was damaged. I will definitely without question use this service for the next move without any hesitation.

Today was our big move to our new house and Citywide movers got the job done! I was really worried about getting the brand new floors and carpet and walls scratched. Their team were excellent! They were very careful and assured me that he will make sure everything was protected. They were also very careful with all of our things. I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them!

These guys moved me across town yesterday, and I was thrilled with how easy and quick it was. They gave me a quote quickly and stuck to it, no hidden anything. They got the whole thing done in 2 hours, very cheerful and professional. This was so much less painful than I thought it would be, and the stress it took off my shoulders made it 100% worth the money. I highly recommend and will call them again next time I move.

Thank you Citywide movers for being professional with the services you have provided me. My parents were happy to see me back into their place and had all of my stuff was packed properly, placed in the garage in an organized manner and more importantly, you guys worked fast and efficiently.

These guys (Citywide Movers) showed up on time and worked tirelessly all day for 9 hours until the job was done. They wrapped the furniture well, loaded the truck efficiently, and put everything back together at the end. I found this company on Yelp and would use them

Prompt, courteous, clean, fast and fair priced. Citywide movers crew were extremely helpful in my move from the upper west side to the upper east side. They arrived right on time for the planned move and were able to pack and unpack my belongings with no harm done. Would definitely recommend and use again if I move!

These guys make your move enjoyable and stress free. They deserve every ounce of praise. They gave me a quote and explained the entire process, the day before they called to ensure everything was packed. The day of the move, we received a call from the movers telling me what time they will be at my place. Once they arrived, they did a quick walk through and began the move without wasting a single minute. They are highly efficient and recommended by me!

These guys are great and I was very happy with the price. They were very quick and efficient. Moved everything carefully and it all arrived in one piece. I just referred them to my parents for their move today and they were also very happy with the price and the service! Great job guys!!

It was wonderful experience with the Citywide movers, having professional and kind movers to help me get from one location to the next. They were on time, wrapped all my furniture so it wouldn't get ruined and set everything up for me in my new place. I would recommend using them to everyone! Thank you!!!

They were very respectful and professional. These guys who came and helped me move had AWESOME attitudes and moved everything very quickly. Quality moving experience! Would call anytime I needed to move

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