National Van Lines

USDOT # 76628
2800 Roosevelt Road
Broadview, IL 60155
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Additional Phone: (708) 450-2900
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Moving with National Van Lines

Welcome to National Van Lines! We are a family-owned national moving company led by industry thought leader, Maureen Beal. For over 80 years, National Van Lines has been helping people move their memories. Whether you need to move across town or across the world, we’re the partner you can count on. We provide full-service moving, packing, and storage services for all our residential or commercial clients. Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction in all that we do, no matter where you’re going or when you need to be there.

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Through and through (deals to setup to get and drop off) a genuinely effortless and indeed fabulous experience. Everybody I communicated with was exceptionally proficient and amazingly accommodating. My things landed crosswise over nation absolutely on time and without harm. I prescribe and will utilize national van lines for all long separation moves.

We moved from New Jersey to Florida. When I went to the site and submitted for an appraisal I had an answer inside of minutes by email and a telephone call. Each time I called a genuine individual addressed the telephone, both in Chicago and locally at Atlantic Coast Moving and Storage (says thanks to Edward and Janeen!). Marsha Stegall in Chicago was particularly useful. She was tolerant, listened to my inquiries, and dependably hit me up. A VP additionally happened to be traveling in my Florida town and halted by when he saw the moving van. He needed to ensure everything was going great as well. The driver, out of Atlantic City, NJ, was extraordinary - he was stuck in winter storm Jonas in NC for 10 hours and still made it on time! I wish I could recall his name, he merits acknowledgment. The greater part of the movers were extremely well mannered and made an extraordinary showing.

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