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USDOT # 2217224
611 S 9th St
Boise, ID 83707
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Additional Phone: (208) 344-5506
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Everybody at Bekins was so pleasant so it's difficult to give them an awful survey. Be that as it may, toward the day's end I'm feeling the loss of a few boxes so they fizzled at their one occupation getting my stuff from point a to point b.

A couple of days after they dropped off my stuff-which they completely disregarded the delicate kindly don't stack/don't lay level notices, I got a call saying they found a couple of a greater amount of my cases on another truck. Since I am emptying and hunting down boxes one by one I am finding that more boxes have vanished. Also, obviously, one of the cases contains vintage things that are simply not replaceable.

My involvement in moving from San Diego, CA to Walnut Creek, CA was amazingly disappointing. Everything was awesome from the earliest starting point, from getting my assessment to arranging my turn. They even appeared on time to convey. What happened after that was unpleasant.

They didn't convey a few boxes! they lost over $3,000 of my own assets which I will never get back. I obtained claim protection and presented a case, which was denied completely. They say I approved every one of my effects before the drivers left. Its absolutely impossible you can experience all containers and things with the drivers, as they need to leave IMMEDIATELY subsequent to dropping off things. I composed on the structures "DID NOT TAKE INVENTORY". I am happy I did on the grounds that I'm taking Bekin's to court.

WHen I composed their San Diego office, the secretary (Honey) said "before you compose negative audits on the web, consider "what's privilege!". On the off chance that we need to pay you for lost things, it leaves our driver's pockets, not our own".

Amazing, what a moving company. Be careful!

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