Obadiah Transport Logistics Incorporated

USDOT # 2834962
970 Windy Hill Road 35D
Smyrna, GA 30082
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (404) 917-9027
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Moving with Obadiah Transport Logistics Incorporated

Obadiah Transport Logistics Incorporated contributes certain moving and storage to our client as we attempt to meet our customers demands.
Each customer has different essential for their move, which is why Obadiah Transport Logistics Incorporated provides divine service and mover to get along our beneficial to accommodate them.
Turn back out our Obadiah Transport Logistics Incorporated by reassessment below to ascertain what our customers are saying about Obadiah Transport Logistics Incorporated.

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Don't hire this company, b/c there's a very good chance your items won't make it safely. This driver is extremely reckless - driving like he is the only person on the road, with no care for other drivers. I have filed a POLICE report and an FMCSA complaint for his poor and dangerous driving skills.

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