Care Master Movers

2555 Shorter Avenue
Rome, GA 30165
Contact Phone: (706) 290-3534
Additional Phone: (706) 235-1142
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Moving with Care Master Movers

By providing peculiar servicing to Care Master Movers supplies sure serving to our customer as we attempt to fulfil all of our clients wants . To our customers, we need to stay the needs of our customer home.
Care Master Movers takes into consideration the thought and critiquing our customers may possess.
Care Master Movers can consider maintenance of your moving requirements, good record the critical review below.

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Care Master Movers are the BEST movers I have ever utilized. I was moving starting with one flat then onto the next in the same complex with stairs down and stairs up. Mario and his group showed up precisely at the concurred time, and the move was done in two hours. They were super quick, clean, and totally proficient. Their costs are sensible and I couldn't be more fulfilled. In the event that you search for expert, benevolent and modest movers, call Mario, he answers his telephone day in and day out. Much obliged to you for your expert administrations.

My spouse and I simply moved into our new home! So happy I called Care Master Movers to help us move. Mario and his folks were proficient (however amiable) and extremely effective! Planning the move was simple. Dissimilar to the huge moving companys that have 1-800 numbers and make you leave a message when you call, Mario addressed the telephone himself. He booked me in and didn't charge me anything to hold a truck and 3 folks. He called the day preceding to affirm, much the same as he said he would. They appeared on time and motivated right to work. They moved us speedier than the last folks we enlisted. Indeed, even with a more drawn out drive and more furniture, despite everything they beat our last move time by 60 minutes. They have sensible rates and didn't charge us additional for the material they used to wrap and secure our furniture. We are so satisfied with their work and unquestionably prescribe them.

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