David & Goliath Moving & Storage

USDOT # 2568518
6447 Warren Drive
Norcross, GA 30093
Contact Phone: 8777742139
Additional Phone: (877) 774-2130
Company Site: www.davidandgoliathmoving.com

Moving with David & Goliath Moving & Storage

By providing specialized service of process to David & Goliath Moving & Storage provision sure servicing to our client as we attempt to live up to all of our customers demands . To our customers, we attempt to conciliate the needs of our customer fundamentals.
Each client has unlike essential for their relocation, which is why David & Goliath Moving & Storage provides inspection and repair and removal company to answer our serious to fit them.
customers have besides disclosed to us that David & Goliath Moving & Storage is the most unspoiled in this territory. Record our David & Goliath Moving & Storage reviews below for substantiation.

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PLEASE READ THIS FEEDBACK THOUROUGHLY AND STAY AWAY FROM EZ MOVING VAN LINES AND DAVID & GOLIATH MOVING!!! THEY are both Scam artists and will lie and misrepresent what they tell you to get your business and then scam you out of more money later. If you are reading ANY 5 star review on either of these companies, it's because it is FAKE and most likely written by one of their company employees. I even recognized one of the names from one review as it was from their customer service person I spoke to numerous times that NEVER helped me. If you decide to use EZ movers, they are a broker that will give you a low ball estimate, get a deposit, and make all these promises you are looking for in a move. Guess what.....they are liars. Once they get your first deposit you are totally out of luck as they will go back over your list of items and all of sudden change your estimate, asking for MORE money. In my case, I went down by 5 items yet because the nature of the items changed, they took my original estimate of 2000 LBS, which they try and sell you on you pay by weight only, and now overinflated my weight by another 622 pounds....increasing my new estimate by $700. Now they want more deposit which even though I had certified weight tickets that shows I was still under the original estimate of 2000 lbs, they come back and tell you there is fine print in contract where you only get like 10% back so I got back $62 from the extra $700 I had to pay even though I stayed under my first estimate weight and the guy who did my second estimate repeatedly told me when I asked, if I stay under the weight will my first estimate be legit and he completely lies and tells me yes. Then the fun begins where you find out they actually hire another company named DAVID & GOLIATH out of Norcross, GA that is the most unprofessional and shady company I have ever worked with besides EZ MOVERS. They mistreat ALL of your stuff as they will throw it around, mishandle it, break it, and just don't care. Then they will LIE to you repeatedly when they will deliver...which in my case they lied three times in two weeks and finally got the phone number to the driver who told me they lied and that he wouldn't be able to deliver like almost week later when I was told it would already be there. You will deal with the most unprofessional and non responsive office workers where they give you no information and will continue to string you along with lies to continue to buy time. If I had more room here I could on and on because this was the most awful experience I have ever experienced in my life hands down. They have you life belongings hostage and basically extort more money from you to deliver it with all of these extra fees they don't tell you about and will refuse to take it off the truck unless you don't pay. I just cannot believe either of these companies can continue to do business and treat people this way. PLEASE stay away and save yourself the biggest mistake of your life!!

I hired another company (EZ Moving Van Lines) and they contracted this company.

The movers damaged more than half of my stuff and most of my large items and furniture that they wrapped. I never seen anything like this before. I have to replace my furniture and personal belongings. When the movers arrived, they made me pay them additional money in cash before they would move my stuff into my place. They would not give me a receipt for the additional money I gave them. When the movers were done, they charged more to the credit card than they were suppose to.

Save yourself a headache and do not do business with this company.
Service cost: $2,842

**THEY ARE LIARS AND CROOKS** DO NOT USE DAVID AND GOLIATH!! They charged me for 13,700 pounds and made me pay $8,300 in CASH before they would deliver my furniture. I knew they were wrong with my weight because we didn't have that much stuff so I made them reweigh it. My stuff only weighed 6,100 pounds!!!! They overcharged me by $4,134 and told me that they'd pay back the money but they have been lying to me time after time. Nothing but lies and excuses about paying me back the refund. They forced me to sign a release promising not to sue or slander them and only then, would they pay back my refund. I followed directions and now they're saying they owe only $3k and they want me to sign another release. I paid over $8,400 to move 6,100 pounds and they are ripping people off, with their lies and extortion. YOU GUYS ARE CROOKS!!! I'm exposing you to everyone by going in the local news this week and believe me, they are very interested in sharing my story. I've hired an attorney to sue you! How can you treat your customers with so much disrespect and dishonesty? Is this the only way you can make money? DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

This company is awful. They are holding a customers items hostage and demanding she pay more money than what was quoted. Eli is rude every time he talks to her. She made arrangements to have her stuff delivered but they will not honor the agreement and are now saying she owes $120 a day for storage when they refused to accept payment and deliver. They are also demanding payment prior to delivery. Do not use this company! Give Karina her stuff back!!!!!

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Question The moving industry in the United States was deregulated with the Household Goods Transportation Act of 1980. This act allowed interstate movers to issue binding or fixed estimates for the first time. Doing so opened the door to hundreds of new moving companies to enter the industry. This led to an increase in competition and soon movers were no longer competing on services but on price. As competition drove prices lower and decreased what were already slim profit margins, "rogue" movers began hijacking personal property as part of a new scam. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces Federal consumer protection regulations related to the interstate shipment of household goods (i.e., household moves that cross State lines). FMCSA has held this responsibility since 1999, and the Department of Transportation has held this responsibility since 1995 (the Interstate Commerce Commission held this authority prior to its termination in 1995).

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