Cicero's Moving & Storage

USDOT # 76628
451 Albert Street
Macon, GA 31206
Contact Phone: 478 361-5035
Additional Phone: 478-788-1328
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Ciceros' Moving and Storage has been doing business for more than three eras. Cicero Riggins started his moving business in 1972, when he obtained two moving trucks from a kindred entrepreneur. Cicero was maintaining an effective business as a hair stylist, however saw this as a chance to fan out in another heading and help his kindred group individuals. Ciceros' Moving and Storage has developed from those initial two trucks and an office on Mulberry Street in Downtown Macon, to the national and global moving organization it is today.

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The estimate was almost perfect, they charged a little less based on the actual weight of my home. They came on time, took care of my stuff and were almost perfect. Bruce, Cicero's son, gave me the estimate and his son, Nick was with the crew when they packed up. I paid Lisa, Bruce's wife after we were done. They delivered on time to my new home and they were great.
Family business and I felt like they took care of me like family. I highly recommend them.

Sketchy! Just rented a 5X5X10ft unit yesterday. The staff was very nice, I'll give them that. The price was $34.95 mo. When I went to check out, I found out you can only use their locks, which run about $12, anything else will be cut off by them they said. You have to pay five extra dollars for an additional key card. And 24 hour access is an extra $5 per month.

Phenomenal practical and extremely cautious. Very suggest these movers. They were exceptionally cautious with all the delicate things and dos the employment rapidly and altogether

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