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USDOT # 1298225
4186 Buford Highway STE C
Atlanta, GA 30340
Contact Phone: (770) 875-8823
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Moving with Onyxx Movers And Relocation Specialists

By providing peculiar services to Onyxx Movers And Relocation Specialists provision sure service to our as we attempt to gratify all of our customers demands . To our clients, we venture to conciliate the demand of our customer fundamentals.
Our can ship asset in your area from your previous situation to your freshly residence. Clients have besides disclosed to us that Onyxx Movers And Relocation Specialists is the easily in the area.
Assure out our Onyxx Movers And Relocation Specialists by critique below to fancy what our clients are saying about Onyxx Movers And Relocation Specialists.

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I was mainly happy about the price during a metal compared to the compensators movers we're okay packing was great that my stuff on time thank you for a great job

Awesome service they were able to show up in my house in last minute because the moving company i had hired by the name of northstar did not show up at all after I reserved with them onyxx mover prices were reasonable Jason and mike very nice guys would highly recomend those fellows very outspoken guys

I received a quote for the move of my one bedroom apartment from Miami, FL to Atlanta, GA. The quote was reasonable at $1,300.
They asked for a very detailed description of the items, furniture and numbers of boxes.
They were supposed to arrive in the morning at 9pm for pick up with 4 guys. They showed up at 1pm with 2 guys. They put my belongings on the truck and told me that the price was now $3,800.
These people are NOT HONEST OR TRUSTWORTHY! If you make the mistake of using this company, record all of your conversations because they lie. With every conversation, the situation gets worse.
When my delivery arrived, there were many items that were broken, paintings had holes through them, one upholstered chair had a large hole through the fabric.

my first time moving with a moving company i set a appointment wiht Jason and kept up with the quote price movers came on time ..

Oh my , the service was awesome i got in contact With R. stevens who was very detailed about the service , sevral folks was trying to contact me but my family friend used this company in the past , on the day of the move i had to purchase extra Pack of boxes, because i was out of town and did not ge to pack all my thing.. so when micheal arrived the mover supervisor he had extra boxes available on the truck so i was happy, the move took 5 days to get to vegas the guy said three but thats not my first rodeo. timing was ok ...

From the very start, our experience with the rep (Paul Pappas) has been exceptional! He has provided outstanding customer service and has been professional every step of the way. Even when my family had questions on the off hours, he took time out of his his own schedule to make sure we were taken care of. Everything from the pick up, to storage, and delivery was done in a way to show the utmost respect to our belongings. I highly recommend Onyxx to anyone looking to move and if you want the best in customer service, definitely ask for Mr. Paul.

We have a corporate account with Onyxx for a few years now. We are head hunters for IT Annalists. Typically the clients that we arrange the moves and jobs for are young people with very very little furniture to move.. What I like about Onyxx and their staff is these young guys and girls , with very minimum belongings are treated like their moving a whole family and a big house full of furniture. Thanks

GREAT guys !

This company is a sham Mr. G or George Johnson gets over on everything and has horrible customer service he threatened people who negative reviews to sue them all because he damaged furniture and charged 750.00 for just changing a zip code. He is a joke and as you can ser he writes his own reviews so he can trick our American people.

Worst company its a fraud never trust george Johnson who wrote his on review at the bottom let's you know he is a fraud he damages everything treats his workers like crap he is nevet on time he doesn't even have a business license and is not accredited by the BBB

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