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This business is a fraud and the "Sales Director" is a crook. The "Sales Director", Scott Likens, estimated the job twice to account for the original estimate being too low. Even then came in at 50% over that estimate. This company left several thousand dollars worth of patio furniture, lawn equipment, and bicycles (all large, expensive and cumbersome items) in the garage and did not complete the job they were hired to do. At no time during the 4+ hours of packing was I alerted that there was going to be a space issue. Several requests to talk to a "General Manager" - apparently named Mike - were ignored throughout the move by Likens. When asked what the plan was for them to complete the job that they had committed to do, all they wanted was their money. Obviously they left larger items that can't fit easily into a personal vehicle in order to get more money and offered to provide a new estimate to complete the job they were already hired and paid to do. When asked if this is how they do business, Likens answered "It is today" and threatened to call the police if I didn't sign the credit card slip. I never threatened to withhold payment. I paid over $1600 to do a job that was never completed. Do not do business with this company. According to the movers, this is par for the course with any job that Likens bids.

Do not hire these guys. First off, the estimate was 4 to 6 hours to move my house. I got 4 people and a 26 ft truck. It took 9 hours at $135 plus truck fee and etc.. My neighbors even commented how slow can those guys work. During the process, they ripped my sofa and scratched my Antique bench. The movers stated "Don't worry, they could repair it onsite". HA. A month later after Scott Likens, stating that they would take care of it and it would have to be scheduled to be picked up. For a month, the scheduling was 2 or 3 times a week. And they were a no show every time to pick up the sofa and the bench. I gave them an ultimatum, pick up or I shall see an attorney by a certain day. Guess what, no show and no courtesy call stating they were not going to show. Which a courtesy call never happened. I was always calling them. I am in the process of contacting an attorney and getting the repairs done myself and handing off the bill for repairs and my attorney. I only hope that the people reading this review heave warning and do not hire these people. I have tried to be patient and considerate. Scott was only giving me lip service and his troubles with the business with no results. Bottom Line. They like to milk the clock and if they damage anything they don't care.

Worst moving company ever. I hired these scumbags for a July 14 move and a few days prior they call and request I change my date to the 13th because they overbooked. I agreed cause I was told there would be a discount. They chose the time and showed up 2.5 hours late with one less person than requested. The movers were rude, didn't care about my stuff and even broke two items in front of me. I asked them what the process was for replacing, they shrugged their shoulders and said it's not their problem. They complained the whole time and also hit my mailbox which the driver denied even though I saw it happen. Once the truck was filled with my help, we went to the next house. Upon arrival one of the scumbags stated that I should be able to afford to tip them nicely after looking at my new house. Then once we were done and yes I had to help. I had to speak to their manager because they were trying to overcharge me. I negotiated down to the original price jut to get them out. But I had put down a 100 dollar deposit which they decided to keep so they made an additional 100 dollars. I would never recommend these guys to anyone and don't understand how they are still in business.

Thanks for taking care of my antiques! I moved here from Illinois 6 months ago and moved from my rental house to my new house. I was very concerned about my antique furniture. Once the movers arrived my worries were over. The guys did a fantastic job wrapping and securing all my antique furniture. My new house had wood floors and I really like the way the guys put floor runners on the floor to protect it. The job was finished one hour ealier than the quote. Anyone looking to move should consider Next Door Relocators. I feel I got a great deal.

All ran well with my late move from Citrus Heights to Auburn. Heather, Kevin, and Jerred [aka The Dream Team], thank you such a great amount for your exceptionally proficient employment.

P.S. I have quite recently wrapped up the crates, and not one thing has been broken or harmed. Another sign of the high polished methodology of Kevin and Jerred.

This is so far the more regrettable involvement in this nation! The folks were so moderate; they harmed one of my couches and one entryway and the paint in my old house. On the off chance that you need them to move your furniture, you need to push these folks. They burned through 8 hours moving my furniture from a little townhouse (parlor: two couches, foot stool, eating table with 4 seats, one ruler room and full room) to a bigger house. So dissapointed with their administration

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