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Whitehill Moving & Storage will supply services to our consumers as we endeavor to satisfy our clients motives.
Whitehill Moving & Storage can ship your holding in your local area from your former blank space to your mark fresh space.
customers have told us Whitehill Moving & Storage is in the area and our Whitehill Moving & Storage reviews below reflect informative input.

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It pains me to give Whitehill Moving & Storage less than five stars, but I feel the need to advise others of my experience. When I called for an estimate to move my 1 bedroom apartment between neighborhoods in Florida, I was told to expect $575 charge for 3 movers. On the day of the move the lead mover gave me a revised do not exceed of $1,075. At this point we had to be out of the apartment and could shop around so we just had to go forward. Just as luck would have it our final move cost nearly hit the do not exceed. Because the movers did such a great job we tipped them 15%, only to learn a week later that the tip is a donation to Whitehill foundation, which in my opinion just further added to the cost of our move. So we essentially paid over $1200 to move a 1 bedroom apartment 3 miles down the road. This has been the most expensive move I have ever had.

This was my best involvement with movers EVER. 100% will utilize them once more. They Did an incredible employment and went route well beyond to offer us some assistance with having a simple and safe move! We are grateful for the experience and would prescribe them profoundly as they are genuine experts.

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