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USDOT # 2119975
932 E 124th Avenue Suite A
Tampa, FL 33612
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Additional Phone: (813) 446-8389
Company Site: www.unlimitedmoving.com

Moving with Unlimited Moving

As many moving companies in Tampa do, Unlimited Moving offers a wide variety of services, from commercial moves for small and large companies to residential moves for homes and apartments. And, unlike many movers in Tampa, we offer full and partial packing services for you household goods or your business inventory.
Short & Long Term Storage Facility
Our staff is trained to serve your moving needs and to offer you the best moving service to suit your budget and deadlines. We provide free online moving estimates as well as free visual moving estimates at your home or business.
In Home Visual Estimates
The visual estimate helps us to understand your moving needs better and to visualize the size of your move. At the end of the visual estimate we offer you a binding moving cost, which will not exceed the estimate. We offer free move consulting and planning, and we will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Please ask our relocation specialists if your move size requires a visual, phone, or online estimate. We provide moving services seven days a week, during the day or after business hours at no additional cost. Our movers in Tampa, FL are standing by to take your call.

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Really great moving service in all aspects. They were professional, incredibly organized, and everything was delivered on time and intact. Incredibly flexible. I had very short notice and only two days to move and they were accommodating. Fast, efficient, friendly, organized. They were great and wrapped everything up very well. I didn't have to do anything. Very happy to have our stuff and be settled into our new home. Thank you!

We just recently did a local move. I had an amazing experience with the team that came for my move. You can always get frustrated during these times of moving but I was at ease during the entire transition. They were on time and moved extremely fast. Also the work crew asked me nicely where I wanted my items/personal belongings when we arrived at the new apartment. They were able to put everything in place swiftly with no damages and always asked first before moving the furniture. Thank you Unlimited Moving!

Moving is always tough, but the team at Unlimited delivered under budget, on time, and with a good attitude. I really liked how they took the initiative to setup an in-person meeting at our apartment, to do a walk-through, and to review the project in order to give us an accurate quote. No scratches or damage to the items and efficient, pleasant movers. Highly recommend!.

Unlimited and team were lightning-quick, extremely considerate with our stuff, and went the extra mile to help us plan how to keep everything safety in storage. They had a positive attitude the whole time and were awesome to work with. We've worked with Unlimited now twice in a year and have had great experiences both times. Highly recommend.

Unlimited Moving were Best at Moving. Our moving advisor was at his best. He organized the entire moving process and also gave us a good deal. But the main thing was done by their foreman and his team. They wrapped and boxed all the goods nicely and padded them as well. Great work Unlimited Moving!

Unlimited Moving were best at service! They were quick and efficient and very friendly. They were able to get everything I needed them to get into the POD and pretty much cleared out my place leaving very little for me to do after they left. Thank you Unlimited Moving

I am very grateful Unlimited Moving and all the help they provided me with today.They were very helpful and very professional. They were very knowledgeable about moving issues.Thank you Unlimited Moving!

Very professional, no extra charges, paid what they told me I would pay, no surprises. Got the job done in timely manner, packed mirrors and TVs etc as promised. I highly recommend them and would use the service again. Thanks!

I had an amazing experience with Unlimited Moving. I used them a couple times. I called there office and received a quote over phone which was a lot easier than I thought. The guys who picked me up were absolutely awesome and respectful. The treated my furniture like it was there own. Everything from start to finish was absolutely perfect. 10 Star rating

These guys are extremely professional, well-organized and friendly. On our moving day, they arrived 10 minutes earlier and started packing everything right away. They promised to be very careful with the stuff that I said was very fragile and delivered everything without dropping and breaking anything.

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