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Tampa, FL 33612
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Additional Phone: (813) 446-8389
Company Site: www.unlimitedmoving.com

Moving with Unlimited Moving

As many moving companies in Tampa do, Unlimited Moving offers a wide variety of services, from commercial moves for small and large companies to residential moves for homes and apartments. And, unlike many movers in Tampa, we offer full and partial packing services for you household goods or your business inventory.
Short & Long Term Storage Facility
Our staff is trained to serve your moving needs and to offer you the best moving service to suit your budget and deadlines. We provide free online moving estimates as well as free visual moving estimates at your home or business.
In Home Visual Estimates
The visual estimate helps us to understand your moving needs better and to visualize the size of your move. At the end of the visual estimate we offer you a binding moving cost, which will not exceed the estimate. We offer free move consulting and planning, and we will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Please ask our relocation specialists if your move size requires a visual, phone, or online estimate. We provide moving services seven days a week, during the day or after business hours at no additional cost. Our movers in Tampa, FL are standing by to take your call.

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Unlimited Moving were AWESOME! I had the pleasure of working with Unlimited Moving who helped me and made my move easy. The move was smooth, quick, and well done. Everyone was extremely courteous and careful with our furniture, and the dispatcher followed up multiple times before, during, and after the move. I'd highly satisfied with their service. Highly Recommend!

I had a great experience hiring Unlimited Moving on our move . The team assured us they were seasoned professionals and could take it in stride. They worked incredibly efficiently and got everything delivered and set up (beds, etc.) in record time. They were careful and helpful. Highly recommended, we will definitely use them if we ever need to move again!

Incredible help!!! Many thanks to Unlimited Moving for their efficiency, timeliness and competence. They did a fantastic job on my move. I appreciated their hard work and they were fun to work with. Very professional, very hard working, reasonable price and I would highly recommend Unlimited Moving to everyone. They deserved it! Great job guys!!!

Unlimited Movers is just another scam moving company!!! From the owners, Thomas Davidson and John Davidson, to the employees, Jake and "Pelli".
I arranged the move with Jake and we agreed on a price for an entire truck to move my items directly from one state to another. This price was literally double the normal price, which was something i was willing to pay so I could have a truck with only my possessions and a direct drive from my pick up to my drop off.
When the mover, Pelli, arrived, he tried to uncharge me. I immediately called Jake and told him about this, he called Pelli to tell him not to uncharge me. When they were finished with the move, they tried to upcharge me because the items took more space in the truck than they expected. Again, I paid for a full truck to go direct so a few extra items shouldn't matter. They argued with me for an hour and tried to convince me to sign a document which dictated some square footage limitation. I refused because that was not my agreement. They finally agreed to make the change but only after more than an hour of arguing so I missed my flight.
During the few days between the delivery and drop off, Jake swore there would be no more games so I trusted him.
I had a GPS device put inside my items which proves they made 3 stops between my pick up and drop off. I later confirmed with them that they had a pick up in Tampa, a delivery in DC, and another delivery in DE. All of this is contractor to my agreement.
When the truck came, they demanded the balance of payment before the truck was unloaded, which is clearly not fair because I don't know what was damaged or what was removed. Jake refused to come to the phone to speak to me and when I got him on the phone, he immediately transferred me to another line so he could avoid his promises. The driver, Pelli, tried to get in the truck and drive off with my possessions but luckily I had time to park my car right in front and right behind his truck so he couldn't leave, then I called the police. If he left, they would have stolen my items and held them hostage to charge me even more!
After I got to opening all of the boxes, I found 2 pieces of furniture damaged and 1 kitchen appliance broken. I have since tried to email and call but they are completely unresponsive.
These guys are very skilled at the art of deception and thievery. Jake is an outright liar, Pelli is a manipulator who will pretend to be your friend but then hit you with charges then pretend it out of his control, and this is the common practice for this company.
Im sure they are going to reply by saying that I signed a contract. They tried to get me to sign to less than what was in the truck so they can scam me at delivery. They had me sign under duress when they knew I had a plane to catch. They know exactly what game they are playing but the innocent customer gets shafted!
These guys should be closed by law enforcement for deceptive practices!

Really great moving service in all aspects. They were professional, incredibly organized, and everything was delivered on time and intact. Incredibly flexible. I had very short notice and only two days to move and they were accommodating. Fast, efficient, friendly, organized. They were great and wrapped everything up very well. I didn't have to do anything. Very happy to have our stuff and be settled into our new home. Thank you!

We just recently did a local move. I had an amazing experience with the team that came for my move. You can always get frustrated during these times of moving but I was at ease during the entire transition. They were on time and moved extremely fast. Also the work crew asked me nicely where I wanted my items/personal belongings when we arrived at the new apartment. They were able to put everything in place swiftly with no damages and always asked first before moving the furniture. Thank you Unlimited Moving!

Moving is always tough, but the team at Unlimited delivered under budget, on time, and with a good attitude. I really liked how they took the initiative to setup an in-person meeting at our apartment, to do a walk-through, and to review the project in order to give us an accurate quote. No scratches or damage to the items and efficient, pleasant movers. Highly recommend!.

Unlimited and team were lightning-quick, extremely considerate with our stuff, and went the extra mile to help us plan how to keep everything safety in storage. They had a positive attitude the whole time and were awesome to work with. We've worked with Unlimited now twice in a year and have had great experiences both times. Highly recommend.

Unlimited Moving were Best at Moving. Our moving advisor was at his best. He organized the entire moving process and also gave us a good deal. But the main thing was done by their foreman and his team. They wrapped and boxed all the goods nicely and padded them as well. Great work Unlimited Moving!

Unlimited Moving were best at service! They were quick and efficient and very friendly. They were able to get everything I needed them to get into the POD and pretty much cleared out my place leaving very little for me to do after they left. Thank you Unlimited Moving

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QuestionIn the United States and Canada, the cost for long-distance moves is generally determined by a few factors. The first is the weight of the items tobe movedand the distance it will go. Cost is also based on howquicklythe items are tobe moved, as well as the time of the year or month which the move occurs. In the United Kingdom and Australia, it's quite different. They base price on the volume of the items as opposed to their weight. Keep in mind some movers may offer flat rate pricing.