Authority Van Lines

USDOT # 1854326
2755 NW 19th St
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Pompano Beach
Contact Phone: 800-309-5990
Additional Phone: (800) 309-5990
Company Site:

Moving with Authority Van Lines

Authority Van Lines is a moving company which services Pompano Beach, Florida. They are family owned and operated. They offer full packing, local moving and long distance moving as well.
My name is Gary Muraco, I am the owner of Authority Van Lines, Inc. I have a lifetime of experience in the moving industry, 30 + years. I can provide a very safe & professional relocation of your household goods...If we can't move it, it cant be moved!
We care tremendously about our customers, our reviews, our reputation, and our company!
We have genuine references letters from clients who became our friends. I will be glad to send our license, insurance, workers comp, D.O.T. certifications and labor law compliance via e-mail upon request, just e-mail us at
F.M.C.S.A. ICC-MC# 838935 ...and We carry a 1 Million Dollar Vanliner Insurance Policy. WE ARE NOT BROKERS!!!...We do the moves, you book with us, its our trucks, and our guys, we do not subcontract or use temp labor.

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Your Authority Van Lines Reviews

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I can't say enough about the crew at Authority Van Lines. I haven't seen such an impressive operation in 20 years. The floor of the truck was shining like a skating rink. Guys were in full uniform and everyone had plenty of knowledge about the moving. Applied every aspect of the move with extreme care an know how. Great job guys! I will recommend this company and use them again in the future.

I want to thank the crew at Authority Van Lines for doing such a great job, being on time , and getting the move done all in one day. I know it was a stretch but really worth it, I will definitely recommend this company to family and friends!

Good company, very happy with the service and the price. The guys were very professional, the truck was clean, furniture was in good hands. Best move i have ever had. Dave, Tyrone, and Chris were spectacular! Great job guys.

Great experience with Ft. Lauderdale movers. The guys did an excellent job with handling the furniture to timely getting the job done. They worked well and energetic despite being paid by the hour. Very fast and efficient, thank you again.

Need a master mover, look no further. Ft. Lauderdale Moving has been on the beach in every condo I know. I am a realtor and I see them all over in the 17th street A1A area. I decided to use them after a recommendation from my neighbor. Loved the move, Great job!

I am very happy with the service this company provides. I have used Authority several time and I will say these guys are great. They stand for something. They really care about the customer and the company they have. Most movers or moving companies are just about how can they get more money. Gary and his dad actually help you save money when you move. I have experienced it my self. Gary Jr. always just says please leave a good review for us on line and that will help us back. So I am taking the time to right this review and many others because these guys deserve it! Good job guys, good crew!

Thank you a lot for such a great move today. When the truck arrived the condo guards already knew Gary and his crew from prior moves in the building. Easy start and great finish. Price was a spot on match from the estimate. Thanks again!

Impressed thank you a lot. First time using a mover and it was a good one. use this company if you want a good 1st time experience. I was refered to Gary through Better Homes & Gardens of Las Olas Blvd. They seem to have a lot of respect there and using them only showed and proved.

I called Gary and he had a truck at my front door in less then an hour. Move went smooth, price was right. Recommend these guys and using them next time I move.

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