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USDOT # 2059049
735 N Fairfield Dr
Pensacola, FL 32506
Contact Phone: 877-783-1761
Additional Phone: (850) 456-9913
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Moving with Pensacola Moving & Storage

By providing detailed service of process to Pensacola Moving & Storage provision certain inspection and repair to our clients as we attempt to satisfy all of our clients needs . To our customers, we need to appease the need of our client basis.
Pensacola Moving & Storage can send your holding in your country from your previous situation to your make new place.
Additionally, take a advantage of the reviews by review below, whether you're merely reading Pensacola Moving & Storage revue or writing them.

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What a move!!!!

I called this organization around two weeks before the move, and they could plan it as per my timetable. They additionally affirmed the move twice via telephone and once by means of email.

These folks are proficient! My one room able was moved down the middle a day by 3 quick and experienced movers.

Their rates are great and focused.

Keep doing awesome

You all improve moving such an ordeal :- )

We've at long last found the movers that we'd use on numerous occasions - if no one but they could go to different states to help us. PM&S did both a neighborhood move and after that arranged and moved another 700SF of substance into capacity (for a long separation move). The group was cordial, productive and took EXCEPTIONAL consideration in wrapping each bit of furniture with the goal that it would be protected away. I never stressed for a minute over robbery of recklessness (however I've had both in 2 different moves). They're fabulous!

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