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Niceville, FL 32588
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Moving with McCorquodale Transfer

As professional licensed movers we treat each and every move with an extreme amount of importance. No matter how big or small, every move is handled with the utmost care and your property is treated like it was our own. As you may know, moving can be very stressful. McCorquodale Transfer is here to handle your moving needs to minimize the stress during a move.

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I have good experience of this company but I only give 3 stars because the estimated price was not I expected.

A few companions in Liberty Park sold us their lounge area suite, treadmill, and stationary bicycle. While David and a companion wanted to move everything with a rental truck, I contracted McCorquodale to accelerate the time. David and Robert were instant and dedicated. They took care of business in 2 hrs and my spouse stressed it might take 3-4 hrs!! The greater part of our new furniture was well dealt with and I have these folks to thank for it. Try not to look any further Birmingham, these are the privately possessed movers you will need to enlist!!

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