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Moving with Real Movers Moving & Storage

Real Movers Moving & Storage provides positive services to our consumers as we attempt to fulfil our clients demands.
Real Movers Moving & Storage can send your property in your local area from your old stead to your stain unexampled place.
clients have told us Real Movers Moving & Storage is in the area and our Real Movers Moving & Storage reviews below reflect informative comments.

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Olufemi Adebisi
I was transferred from my previous workplace to another mother company, which I must resume office with immediate effect, it was a great task for my settling family and I, I was so disorganised because moving from my residence to the other with my belongings and family was not easy with the short time frame, thanks to my colleague who introduced me to Real Mover, I was amazed to see my belongings moved without complain and damages to my new residence in due time.

Professional and careful. They moved my 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 room house in only 5 hours. Great to work with and happy with the results.

It was couple days before my family and I were scheduled to move from Florida to North Carolina when we had some mishaps with our current moving company. It was a nightmare but during my rant on Facebook, a friend suggested Real Movers Moving & Storage to me. Thanks to them the crisis was averted. Not only were they cheaper than what we were originally about to spend but they were also very accomodating considering it was last minute. They were on time, handled our stuff with care and was extremely professional.You guys were great and I would reccomend you to everyone.

Having previously had terrible experiences with moving companies, I was skeptical when I was recommended Real Movers to transport my family and I's things from Miami to Atlanta. I was thoroughly impressed, however, with the care, efficiency and consideration that our movers showed. I cannot recommend highly enough.

My husband I looked everywhere for a reputable moving company that could get us, our 2 kids, and our dog to Tennessee. We don't have a small home and were quite intimidated by it all. Real Movers packed everything up carefully and efficiently and put my mind at ease. I will recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you Real Movers for eliminating some stress from our move! Would use again for sure!

Real movers moving and storage are awesome! I found out about them from a coworker who had just completed their move.
I was moving from a larger apartment to a smaller one, which was always going to be a tight squeeze. But they made it happen. I had packed majority of my things already which made the move go a lot quicker. Nevertheless, they did an excellent job, thanks guys.

Moving is always just horrible, and moving across states just makes you want to cry however, this company Real Movers helped me work through it all really well. There are so many companies now but this one is well worth the price. They are extraordinarily friendly, and I can and do easily recommend them to anyone I know who needs movers, especially to another state. They were much quicker than I ever expected and so much quicker than any movers that I have seen or used before. Real Movers delivered with no damage and so amazingly.

My move was 2 weeks ago and I got the team of Sam, David, Han and Jordan. Real movers moving and storage have some fine workers on their hands These guys, especially the lead mover, Han, are clearly experienced and good at what they do. They knew how to wrap and package everything. Everything went fine and I was very happy with the service and the guys that helped me. I would contact them in the future if needed + recommend this team + company to others. Thanks!

I was a little bit skeptical about trying this company since it's new but when I decided to try I was very surprised with the overall quality of service and treatment. There are a lot of moving companies nowadays but this one is really different.They did take care of my belongings like if they were their belongings. Great assistance and price. I will recommend to all my friends and family for sure.

I was moving before without help and is really stressful and hard, but with this company it just fabulous, everybody it was so nice and they really know what are they doing. They help me from the beginning to the end, with tips, answer all my question and having really good care of all my things before, during and after the moving, they help all the time with a smile. They make this moving really easy and fast even fun, they do it with the best intention. If you are moving you have to call them, if I have to move again I will absolutely call them again

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