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USDOT # 2306258
9930 SW 5 St CIR
Miami, FL 33174
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (786) 351-4806
Company Site: www.hypermovers.com

Moving with Hyper Movers

At Hyper Movers, you bargain straightforwardly with the proprietors and they are available in at all times, you with the most focused quote to conveying amazing administration through out your turn. You likewise get ensured administration, what ever we guarantee is precisely what you will get. Depend on it!
We are exceptionally composed, proficient and clean. Examine our truck and our supplies and you will see Hyper Movers is an alternate sort of moving organization. We endeavor in guaranteeing you are totally fulfilled and will call or even allude us for all your future moving needs. Try us out and you will see why there is no other better stretch free distinct option for your best course of action.

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Punctual, professional, organized. I would describe this company as trustworthy. Will forever only use this moving company and will continue to refer them to my colleagues.

I wish I would have seen appraisals for these people before yet was in a sticky situation and required somebody now. I've called and was advised they have to survey my receipt. I'm anticipating to question why they doubt my Mastercard . Once more, don't utilize this moving organization!

Do not use this company unless you want you credit card charged and to be called a Nigger. The owner was upset that I didn't agree with him charging me for things I had no knowledge of. So he send me a text message calling me out of my name. I told him he was a racist and he apologized but the damage was already done. I paid $3300 for services and I am still not moved. I just thought at this point we were past that. Bad experience.

These folks are wonderful. They pressed and stacked my whole one room condo in 2 hours. They were slick, effective and all around valued. This made moving not all that terrible.

Really nice staff on moving day I said I would write a review so here it is, thank you Carlos

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