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Jacksonville, FL 32216
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Moving with Baymeadows Moving

Baymeadows Moving & Storage is Jacksonville, Florida’s premier moving and storage service for residential and commercial applications. With over 25 years experience, our industry knowledge and integrity help make the challenge of moving a less stressful experience.
Our highly trained, uniformed moving crews will treat your property with the care that you deserve from a professional moving and storage company. We are licensed, insured and ready to roll with just one phone call. Whether you are moving from Jacksonville to Orange Park, moving to New York from Florida or relocating here with the military, Baymeadows Moving and Storage can provide you with the service you deserve.
Baymeadows Movers is proud to announce that it has been certified as a PROMOVER. The ProMover program promotes ethical principles in the moving and storage industry and works with federal and state governments to mitigate unethical moving practices. Trust your move to a ProMover.
Check our Better Business Bureau Rating. Find out why Baymeadows Movers is the premier moving and storage service in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Most exceedingly bad moving service. conveyed 2 weeks after the conveyance date, and undermined to charge more than $400 additional, in spite of a coupling contract. impolite client service, amateurish and inconsistent!

I have moved a few times, some great encounters and some not all that good. This experience was awesome!! The group arrived sooner than required and completed in front of calendar. They were exceptionally decent, and even made a special effort to help me with things that were in my auto. I would exceptionally suggest the group for any move.

We as of late (a month back however we've been occupied!) contracted Baymeadows Movers to help us move from the spot we were leasing into our first home. Subsequent to calling around to a few moving organizations and Jax and having no good fortune, we had Baymeadows Movers recommenced to us by numerous companions. They were affable and proficient via telephone when booking our arrangement, and the value they cited was lower than a few others we had become on the web. The day of the move they appeared acceptable on time (perhaps a couple of minutes early) and were efficient to the point that they moved everything out of our 999 sq ft 3 room and into the truck in around 30 minutes. We just had a long way to go, yet all things considered (with an espresso and doughnut break) they had us moved out and in by 10:30am - around a hour and a half. The specialists were extraordinarily amicable and pleasant, and intentionally attempted to be quick so we could pay the base charge.

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