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1855 Plunkett St #403
Hollywood, FL 33020
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Additional Phone: (954) 206-2477
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With exceptional service, Priceline Moving & Storage makes sure to exceed all customers' needs. To our customers, we try to pacify the needs of our customer rental basis. Priceline Moving & Storage takes our customers' thought process into consideration. Book Priceline Moving & Storage below. Read Priceline reviews to ensure what our clients are saying about our services.

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I am getting long in the tooth or in other words old so moving myself and my wife cross country was not an option for me. So I asked friends and family if they could recommend a good mover and one suggested Priceline Movers. I got a quote from them and a couple other companies and I liked how Josh took the time to get all the details about our antiques and really listened to our concerns. We hired them and move day came and the weather was horrible it was snowing pretty hard but the men waited it out and worked through it tough conditions and got us out of our house in time for closing job with zero mishaps job well done.

So I scouted around for movers and I came across Priceline Movers after a friend who had used them to move from California recommended them and they asked fro my feedback regarding the service and I have nothing but praise for their hardworking and kind movers who were very obliging. They took time on delivery and set up all the beds and put everything where we asked.

I found these guys online and the movers were easy to get along with and followed my instructions well. I really liked they way they handled my stuff and they were on itme

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