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USDOT # 2632688
1855 Plunkett St #403
Hollywood, FL 33020
Contact Phone: (855) 405-6336
Additional Phone: (954) 206-2477
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With exceptional service, Priceline Moving & Storage makes sure to exceed all customers' needs. To our customers, we try to pacify the needs of our customer rental basis. Priceline Moving & Storage takes our customers' thought process into consideration. Book Priceline Moving & Storage below. Read Priceline reviews to ensure what our clients are saying about our services.

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Priceline Moving and Storage, is actually just a cheap broker and hides themselves via the use of many addresses and virtual phone numbers. They use different company names, they operate other "moving
companies", they engage in fraudulent business practices, they use bait-and-switch schemes to extort money from people, and they will threaten holding your goods hostage if they don't get their money.

The "owners", Ciara Dixon and Chris Dixon, have had many years of complaints from all of their entities. Despite various sites advertising them as being in business for 10 years or 12 years (depending on the site), they appear to have been running these businesses for less than 5 years, and they've had complaints for all the years of operation.

They've also been the subject of a fairly recent Atlanta TV news investigation when a couple reported what happened to them, which was typical of many customers: significant price gouging upon delivery where they triple the cost and threaten non-delivery of goods.

In our case, they gave us a non-binding "binding" quote. (That should have been a red flag right there.) At the end of the pickup, they tripled the price. Half of our stuff was already taken so I had little ability to argue. Also, the pickup company, Supreme Moving and Storage (which shadily shrugged off my questions about the different company names) also wanted to negotiate the price on paper versus the actual payment in order to put more money in his pocket. I never received an inventory list even though they were tagging everything.

In regards to the pickup, lots of horrendous detail, but I'll summarize it here:
1) The moving company showed up hours late in the afternoon with a rental truck that was too small.
2) They claimed they had a trailer to haul more but it was "broken".
3) They literally hired a guy off the street, right in front of me!! (I didn't realize that's what happened until about 3 hours later.)
4) They didn't order another truck to complete the move the same day and they only had three guys for a 5 man move, and one left after about 5 hours and never came back.
5) They came back the second day over 7 hours late at around 6pm with more than 50% of the move still to go, and only the driver and the off-the-street guy where there!
6) Hours into the move, we had paid for cleaners to come in but they couldn't do their job.
7) These guys ran out of blankets and plastic wrap.
8) By midnight, I had to help move stuff because we needed to be out in the morning!!
9) The pickup wasn't completed until 7am and we still had to clean the place!!!
10) The final bill I was handed by the driver was more than triple the original quote!!! They cut it down to over $9000. Then the driver started negotiating the price on paper versus the actual payment in order to put more money in his pocket. Unbelievable!!

The delivery was just as bad. All in all, we've lost thousands of dollars worth of stuff, they appear to not have ...

This is the absolute worst moving company! PLEASE heed the warnings of the other reviews as my mother has recently had the same horrible customer service experience with David Ford and Isaac. Her furniture was supposed to be here all week and we are still waiting on Friday evening for an ETA. Her original quote was $2500 and on moving day it nearly tripled to $7300!!!

Well I was a little worried about using a mover well that might be an understatement I was more like freaked out till I found Romeo at Priceline who answered all my questions and concerns and was so attentitive that I felt at ease with the movers

I am estatic with the service i recievrd from the Movers. Carl and his staff worked diligently to get the job done in a timely manner with no damages or mistakes

This company is a total scam. The company gives you a low ball estimate that sounds really great until the movers come pick up your stuff. When the driver arrived, he told me that it would take twice as much to move all my stuff. After a lot of arguing, he agreed to load as much as he can up to the original quotes space which I later found out that meant more than half my furniture was not loaded. After my things were picked up, it took them 5 weeks to finally deliver. The original quotes time was about 2 weeks. After the delivery, I noticed some of the furniture were broken, missing parts, or not reassemble correctly. I tried to file a claim but they require physically mailing a claims form and developed photos, not digital. And the process can take up to 120 days. I have had enough headache with this company. Every time I tried contacting the company. I would need to call multiple times or leave multiple messages. If I do get a person, they always have to "looking into my problem and call mr back" which they never do. This is the worst moving experience I have ever had. Don't make my mistake, go with someone else.

My items were picked by East Movers dba Priceline Moving & Storage on 4/28/17. As of today, 5/10/17, they are unable to tell me where/when/how soon my shipment will arrive. I have a confirmed delivery ETA of Wednesday, May 10th but have received no word yet.

My many issues stem from initial pickup. I was scammed on storage space, which I have waiting a response from the man in charge, David Ford. I was charged TWICE the agreed amount ON THE DAY of move and since then, it's been delay after delay and excuse after excuse starting from the inexperienced sales person who supposedly forgot MAJOR areas to cover along with conscending treatment from the dispatch, Issac that has a HISTORY of being rude & aggressive. And ending with the jackass district manager, according to him, David Ford. I would to get my things back ASAP and this relationship with you guys. So, I am waiting find out where my items are AND I want to know how much my costs will be adjusted down to compensate me for all the inconveniences of your company (ies) missteps. Be aware that David Ford assured me that my costs would be adjusted and I am holding you all to that.

Thank you,
Rhonda Ware

This is not my first move for me and my family and it went great.
The crew has arrived and started working right away. packing and wrapping everything. took and labeled all the boxes and covered it all with blankets. we got our furniture and dishes intact and safe in Ventura Ca.
hope we won't have to move again, but if we do i will give east coast a call

My experience was amazing! Josh helped me book my moving truck pricing is great all well worth it i'm thankful i could of went with another company payed less or moved myself and i would have came out of pocket way more money the movers were 15 min. late but they still showed up thats all that matters and none of my belongings were messed up very good company i would recommend to all !

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