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14701 US HWY 1 LOT 28
Hobe Sound, FL 33455
Hobe Sound
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Additional Phone: (561) 262-7626
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By providing specialized servicing to DJS Moving supplying sure service of process to our clients as we attempt to meet all of our customers motive . To our clients, we venture to pacify the motive of our client fundamentals.
Our can enrapture asset in your expanse from your previous space to your unexampled abidance. Clients have besides disclosed to us that DJS Moving is the proficient in the territory.
customers have told us DJS Moving is in the domain and our DJS Moving reviews below reflect instructive comments.

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I have to agree with Lisa Howard - I think the 1 star review was for the wrong business. This is a great family-owned business. DJ was on time every time we met him for the original estimate, the pick up from our condo in Palm Beach Gardens and the delivery to move us to North Carolina. He and his team moved us out of our third floor apartment with no elevator and moved us into another third floor apartment with no elevator. They were quick, courteous, careful and didn't complain a bit. I'd use DJ again for another move and would highly recommend him!!

I don't know what the other lady is speaking about. I think she may have the wrong Movers, they are based out of Hobe Sound Florida and they are a small family operated business so there are no sales people. I have used them several times and I always speak directly to the owner DJ himself. They have always done an outstanding job for me, always going the extra mile. I have used them for three different moves and my family members have used him as well for both local and long-distance moves. Him and his guys are always very courteous polite and put together. And their prices have always been extremely Fair, nothing has ever been broken or missing ever. Overall they just do a great job just nice local guys.
Thanks again Lisa H. From Jupiter

I once in a while give one and only star to anybody. Ever. I wish I could give a negative star. They dont keep their pledge. They didnt make things right. They essentially dont care. Things that ought to have been stuffed weren't. Like a 42" television. A lampshade. Lights. Substantial clay craftsmanship. Things were missing like angling shafts, bed edges and garden hoses. How would you assemble a bed without a bed outline? My involvement with them has just been asolutely horrendous. Also, as much as whatever else what truly has gotten my goat is their "intense treats" state of mind. They salesperson will let you know what you need to hear throughout the day. Will console you simply the same on how things will be. Thats his employment. In any case, thats not how it will turn out for you. Dismal piece genuine.

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