Black Tie Movers

USDOT # 2813031
1915 SW 82 Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324
Fort Lauderdale
Contact Phone: (305) 563-MOVE
Additional Phone: (954) 257-3191
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Moving with Black Tie Movers

At Black Tie Movers, we take pride in our expert way to deal with minimizing the anxiety of our customers on moving day. With over 10 years of experience and mastery, our movers can give consistent transporting Household goods. Neighborhood State to State moving, private house, business or commercial moving, and more. Quality is our objective, and we are not content until you are fulfilled.

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Great company - made my move extremely easy. They were professional and the price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend.

To start with, let me introduce this by saying that I have moved commonly in my life...MANY TIMES....and that it has dependably been an extremely unpleasant affair. From the time I put the primary call to the moving company for quotes until the prior night moving day when rest escapes me because of nervousness and pressure cerebral pains keeping me up a large portion of the night. My last move (crosscountry from the Boston territory) was a flat out bad dream! The jerks that the company sent over came a day sooner than what we conceded to, and charged me additional than what was initially cited, conveyed some of my merchandise harmed, and even harmed the property I was moving into! We should simply say that I had a low sentiment of movers after that disaster...

Lemme tell ya, all that changed yesterday morning....

My movers (Steven and Matt) were AMAZING!!

They were on time, were considerate, proficient, supportive, and snappy! They gave me an introductory window of two hours yet completed before. In what substitute universe does that happen??

I could say a WHOLE LOT MORE in regards to Black Tie Moving, yet you'd be perusing throughout the day. In the event that you've made it this far, despite everything you're thinking about whether you need to have them move you...stop pondering and PICK UP THE PHONE! You will be enjoyably surprised....

I know I was.

Much appreciated folks!

I am Realtor and have utilized huge amounts of moving administrations and never alluded them to anybody since I didn't have as incredible of an ordeal as I did with Black Tie Moving. The movers were EARLY, productive and proficient. Derek and Ben were completely astounding and I couldn't be more content with my choice to by and by utilize this moving administration! I will profoundly prescribe this moving company to any individual who inquires.

These noble men have been the most expert and astounding men to work with. They were right on time to appear and inconceivably quick.
When I said unfathomably quick, I flickered and half of my home was moved!!!!
Set everything up and ensured we were fulfilled by everything.
They are justified regardless of each penny to say the least!!

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