Xfinity Van Lines

USDOT # 2372043
19439 Hampton Drive
Boca Raton, FL 33434
Boca Raton
Contact Phone: (866) 999-9755
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Moving with Xfinity Van Lines

Xfinity Van Lines is a nationwide full service moving and storage company. We are fully licensed and insured. Our corporate office is in Miami, FL. We also have a second location in Boston, MA. With over 25 years of experience in the moving industry, we are committed to making sure our customers have an efficient and stress free move. We take pride in being the best, and providing our clients with quality and reliable relocation services. Our main goal is to make sure that all of our customers are completely satisfied. The many services we offer are guaranteed to provide you with a solution to all of your moving needs.

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The movers from XFinity were lovely, hardworking gentlemen. They helped make my move easy and stress-free. Thank you!

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QuestionA moving company, removalist, or van line are all companies that help people as well as other businesses to move their good from one place to another.With many inclusive services for relocation like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and arranging of items can allbe takencare of for you. Some services may include cleaning the place and have warehousing facilities.

QuestionIn 1971, author and director Steven Spielberg, debuted his first feature length film. His made-for-tv film, Duel, portrayed a truck driver as an anonymous stalker.Apparentlythere seems to be a trend in the 70's tonegativelystigmatize truck drivers.

QuestionThroughout the United States, bypass routes are a special type of route mostcommonlyused on an alternative routing of a highway around a town.Specificallywhen the main route of the highway goes through the town.Originally, these routeswere designatedas "truck routes" as a means to divert trucking traffic away from towns.However, this name was later changed by AASHTO in 1959 to what we now call a "bypass".Many "truck routes" continue to remain regardless that the mainline of the highway prohibits trucks.

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QuestionIn the United States and Canada, the cost for long-distance moves is generally determined by a few factors. The first is the weight of the items tobe movedand the distance it will go. Cost is also based on howquicklythe items are tobe moved, as well as the time of the year or month which the move occurs. In the United Kingdom and Australia, it's quite different. They base price on the volume of the items as opposed to their weight. Keep in mind some movers may offer flat rate pricing.