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Wilmington, DE 19804
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Moving with Two Men and a Truck

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® company began in the mid-1980s as a path to profit while the founders were in secondary school. After 30 years, the organization has developed to more than 330 areas around the world.
Siblings Brig Sorber and Jon Sorber began by moving clients in an old pickup truck. They had their mother, Mary Ellen Sheets, build up a logo to put in a week by week group daily paper. That stick-men logo still lays on each truck, sign, and promotion.

In 1985, she chose to make things official. Sheets bought a 14-foot truck for $350 and employing a couple of movers to move light boxes. That $350 is the main capital Sheets has put resources into the organization.
If you would like to know how much a Two Men and a Truck move would cost, read our article onTwo Men And A Truck. Also, you can check out moving reviews to see how customers feel about this company.

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This is a tremendous moving company! I used them when I moved from PA to VA, and the move could not have gone better. I was able to get a quote and schedule a move very easily. Additionally, the two movers checked in multiple times during the move to make sure everything was going well. I would recommend this company to anyone moving.

Moving was so much easier than I anticipated! I had dreaded it and knew i wasn't ready but Kris and Darrel showed up and made my day. I planned for them to just move the heavy stuff but they talked through my needs and quickly and cheaply got it done. the guys were professional and uniformed and very friendly. I had heard great things about them and in this case they lived up to their reputation. It was all done in 3 hours!

Utilized then twice now for new stronghold to Wilmington moves. The folks were on time and prepared to work when they arrived. I couldn't have better things to say. We moved a few huge unbalanced things and they brought great consideration with everything. Astounding background.

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