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The city of Newark, Delaware is one of the more well-known cities in the state of Delaware. Much of the appeal of the area is thanks to all of the outdoor space available for public enjoyment. In fact, there are over 11,000 square acres of natural parks and outdoor recreational areas.

Schools have also been a large part of Newark’s history. A small grammar school that was relocated form London in the late Eighteenth century evolved to come the Newark academy. Then, a while after its founding, the school joined with Newark college to form the University of Delaware

Several large interstates pass through the city as well. Interstate 95 is the most popular highway used in the area. White Clay Creek State park is one such park. This is the most widely visited tourist destination in all of Newark. However, nearly all parks in the area offer more than enough space to go for a run, walk, bike ride, horseback ride, and pretty much anything else you can think to do in the wonderful outdoors.

The Christiania mall is one of the more popular shopping malls in the area, offering a great shopping experience that is easy to access from all over the city. As you may or may not know, all of Delaware operates tax free! That means that whatever you buy, whether it be a car or a cell phone, will not have sales tax that you have to pay. Sounds great, right?

Newark is also home to a world renowned figure-skating team. Most sports come from the University of Delaware, which has active teams for over 19 different sports.

Newark is a classic example of why people fall in love with Delaware the second they step onto the green ground, or into one of the many welcoming communities that make it such a great place to live!

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QuestionIn 1971, author and director Steven Spielberg, debuted his first feature length film. His made-for-tv film, Duel, portrayed a truck driver as an anonymous stalker.Apparentlythere seems to be a trend in the 70's tonegativelystigmatize truck drivers.

QuestionThe United States' Interstate Highway System is full of bypasses and loops with the designation of a three-digit number.Usually beginning with an even digit, it is important to note that this pattern ishighlyinconsistent. For example, in Des Moines, Iowa the genuine bypass is the main route.Morespecifically, it is Interstate 35 and Interstate 80, with the loop into downtown Des Moines being Interstate 235. As itis illustratedin this example, they do not alwaysconsistentlybegin with an even number.However, the 'correct' designationis exemplifiedin Omaha, Nebraska.In Omaha, Interstate 480 traverses the downtown area, whichis bypassed byInterstate 80, Interstate 680, and Interstate 95. Interstate 95 then in turn goes through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Interstate 295 is the bypass around Philadelphia, which leads into New Jersey.Although this can all be rather confusing, it is most important to understand the Interstate Highway System and the role bypasses play.

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