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In New Castle, Delaware, history is all around you! Among one of the most historically known cities in the state, New Castle is famous for its “New Castle Historic District”. This area is made up of about a six block square in the middle of New Castle. In this small piece of land, there are over 480 historical monuments, buildings, and attractions. Each of these items comes from a period of about 250 years in history (approx. 1700-1950).

The town is full of colonial-style buildings, with historical European influence. You have a grand opportunity to soak up all of the history that New Castle has to offer on their “Old New Castle Day”, which comes around every 3 weekends in May.

Besides historical monuments, the town also has an array of antique shops, trinket shops, art museums and book stores. Of course, you can enjoy all of your shopping a lot more knowing that everything you buy will not be taxed! Thats right, Delaware is one of the few states that does not charge sale stay for things that are purchased within the state, whether it be clothes or a car.

If you want to take a bite of history, you can swing by Jessop’s Tavern, located in the center of town, which offers traditional American fare and a variety of beers. The interior of the restaurant is inviting and warm. It is recommended that you reserve a table, as there aren't very many.

It is not uncommon to see sidewalks and roads destroyed by tree roots in this area, as many of the trees there were planted hundreds of years ago, so they've had plenty of time to take over!

New Castle is a great place to visit if you want a laid-back atmosphere and history lesson at the same time.

Types of Moves: Which One Is Yours?

Residential moving. This one is the most well-known in the professional moving industry, and one that probably springs to mind when anyone says the word "moving." If you're moving your home from one place to another, that falls into the residential moving category. This includesmoving from home for the first time, moving into a new apartment, or moving from one house to another.
Business moving. Sometimes, businesses outgrow the first location where they set up shop. Many times, a thriving business will add another location. Whatever the reason, every business owner hopes that one day, the business will thrive to the point that branching out in inevitable. When this happens, it's known as a business move.
Corporate moving. This is a type of business move that is limited to office spaces. While a business move itself can refer to anything from a restaurant to a medical clinic, a corporate move is the relocation of an office.

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