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Milford, DE is located near the Delaware river. With two years of shipbuilding on its banks, its not a stretch to assume that Milford is a town with a rich and vibrant history. Lovely colonial architecture paints the scene for some very interesting and unique history lessons that the city takes pride in.

The community is full of culture that reflects the old American values and history that the river carries to the town and its residents. Much of the cities earlier economic success can be accredited to the construction of ships in the area until the early 1920’s, when the economy became split between shipbuilding and agriculture.

A unique aspect of the city is that it is not located near any major highways or interstates. This means all the riffraff will stay far from the small city. However, there is still a four-lane road connecting to the north and a two lane road connecting to the south.

Delaware State University is one of the three main colleges situated in a close proximity to the town. The school offersthe ability to get a degree in just about any subject, and the fact that it is so close to a small town such as Milford makes it a great place to focus on your studies.

Of course, the cities history can one be properly described in a museum. The city has a shipbuilding museum that displays the rich past of the area. It even has a school where you can learn how to build a ship.

Delaware also offers sandy beaches where you can have a blast in the summer sun. If your feeling more adventurous, try driving one of the many scenic backroads that take you on a journey through picturesque farmland. Milford is a city that has something for everyone.

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QuestionMany modern trucksare powered bydiesel engines, although small to medium size trucks with gas engines exist in the United States.The European Union rules that vehicles with a gross combination of mass up to 3,500 kg (7,716 lb) are also known as light commercial vehicles. Any vehicles exceeding that weightare knownas large goods vehicles.

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QuestionIn 1933, as a part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, the National Recovery Administration requested that each industry creates a “code of fair competition”. The American Highway Freight Association and the Federated Trucking Associations of America met in the spring of 1933 to speak for the trucking association and begin discussing a code. By summer of 1933 the code of competition was completed and ready for approval. The two organizations had also merged to form the American Trucking Associations. The code was approved on February 10, 1934. On May 21, 1934, the first president of the ATA, Ted Rogers, became the first truck operator to sign the code. A special "Blue Eagle" license plate was created for truck operators to indicate compliance with the code.

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