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Much of the population of Georgetown has moved there for a pretty silly reason: to work at the local chicken-processing plant. Perdue Farms chicken hires workers from everywhere around the world, resulting in a booming economy for the city doe to a constantly rising population. Many residents speak French and Creole, due to the income of many foreign workers to the plant.

A fun community event in Georgetown is held every two years. Known as Return Day, this day is celebrated two days after a political election. It comes from colonial times, when people in the town would congregate in the center to hear the results of their most recent election. It took two days for the results to reach the town by horseback. Following the announcement, winners of the election would ride the town square on carriages. As a ceremonial right, persons who lost elections were given the chance to do a ceremonial “bury the hatchet” in a bucket of dirt or sand. Residents enjoy an ox feast on the day, as per tradition. To make it even better, people get the day off from work as well!

Delaware is known for its tax-free shopping, which draws much appeal to the state and its cities.

The Delaware Aviation Museum is located in Georgetown, near the Sussex airport. This museum is for die-hard aviation fans and World War II aficionados. The museum stores over 2,900 books related to flying, one of the largest collections on the East coast. Be sure to make an appointment if you want to swing by, because the museum is not open to the general public.

There are also many theaters in Georgetown, for people who enjoy being entertained by live music performances as well as other cultural shows.

Georgetown has something for everyone to enjoy!

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