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The city of Dover, Delaware is another prime example of the rich historical ties that that state has to offer. This city was at its peak after World War I and World War II, during which it saw its greatest era of improvement and expansion. Earlier in the 1900s, the town was one of the first in Delaware to receive an electricity supply.

Today, the city has established a thriving ecosystem, with the Dupont highway bringing many residents to the town in the 1920s. Community and industrial expansion continues to bring many residents to the town today. People are also attracted to Dover due to the numerous school districts within its jurisdiction, as well as five relatively large college campuses.

For residents who love reading, the local Dover library is open to residents, who can check out a book for free.

There are also major companies that have subsidiaries and branches in Dover, providing the population with widely available and increasingly diversified employment opportunities.

Another major attraction to the city of Dover is the ability to shop tax-free. The Dover mall and downtown Dover offer some great places to spend your money without having to worry about taxes. The amount of money you save will become immediately apparent.

The Dover Opera house, which went under a complete redesign in 2002, is the perfect place to indulge in some rich culture. Comedy performances and old-time family movies are some of the many things that folks flock to the Dover Opera House to enjoy.

Many cultural events are also held in Dover, meant to honor the rich cultural past that Delaware is known for. Events such as Independence Day fireworks shows and the annual African American Culture parade give Dover that extra sense of fun and culture at the same time.

Did You Know

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