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The town of Claymont is at the convergence of many major highways, making it a nice and convenient place to stop on the way to Philadelphia, as well as to Washington, D.C. Much of the city has embraced a very active lifestyle. As mentioned below, Delaware has a rich cultural history that brings much attention to its many small towns, such as Claymont. The city of Claymont has a bustling and culturally rich downtown area, of which is another fantastic selling point for this riverbank-town.

There are many hotels in the area that offer temporary lodging for travelers. However, there are also many welcoming communities in the area that are perfectly suited for a family lifestyle. With the whole town being just 2.1 square miles in size, and with a population of just over 8,200 people, every area of the city feels like your backyard. The city is also in the process of some considerably large redesigns that will surely bring a whole new sense of life to this small, history-rich town that already has so much to offer. Read on for more about some of its history.

Claymont is a small town near the Delaware River. It has been an inhabited settlement since 1200 A.D., with townspeople alongside both banks of the river. These early inhabitants named both the creek that runs from the Delaware river, as well as the settlement itself. Both were named after a Lenape chief who was present in the area at the time. The town was primarily agrarian in the 1800’s, then shifted to a town that attracted wealthier Philadelphia families who were in search of a vacation area. Today, the town has a large working-class population.

The town was a stop on the Kings Highway during the American colonial period.

Why Pay More For Moving? Save Big With These Tips.

You can pay money to get some moving boxes that you'll probably never use again, or you can ask politely at your local grocery store for some apple boxes for free. These boxes will just end up in a baling machine before they're disposed of, so you can actually help out the environment by reusing them.

Instead of paying to transport a lot of excess stuff that you really don't want anymore, sell as much of it as possible on Craigslist, eBay, or a yard sale. This way, the overall weight of the items being moved is lower, which lessens the cost of your moving services. Also, you'll have a few dollars back in your pocket for your items, and they won't take up space in your moving boxes!

Invest in a full-valuation claims package with your moving company. It may seem counterintuitive when you're trying to save money, but take it from industry experts: this is an area where you'd much rather be safe than sorry. Moving companies insure the items being moved at sixty cents per pound, and in the event of an accident, that may not be enough to fully replace your things. Do yourself a favor and put money into your items, just in case.

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