Lippincott Van Lines

USDOT # 731441
171 Rowley St
Winsted, CT 06098
Contact Phone: 800-245-8563
Additional Phone: (860) 379-9827
Company Site:

Moving with Lippincott Van Lines

We give the complete answer for the majority of your RELOCATION, STORAGE, and LOGISTIC needs.
Lippincott Van Lines has been working all through the United States for more than 45 years.
As an accomplished, proficient moving and logistics organization, we are focused on high work models, demonstrable skill, and quality. We trust that our organization's prosperity depends on our tender loving care and our capacity to effectively adjust to our client's evolving needs.

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My involvement with Lippincott Movers in North Haven has been a marvelous one, read blended audits and afterward took the suggestion from a customer that she was exceptionally satisfied.

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